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*** 500th post!!! ***

Would you believe it?!  This is the 500th post on this blog!  I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on these last few years of blogging.





Bezukhov & Cagney

Bezukhov & Cagney

Thomas & Phineas

Thomas & Phineas

The blog was started not long after the Toyboys entered our lives.  Atilla & Raspy were already well-established, respected puddings.  Their lives were to change dramatically when Cagney & Bezukhov arrived.  Surprisingly (given recent events) their introduction went well.  The girls were not territorial over the Manor & the toyboys seamlessly entered their domain.  Initially, both girls were quite taken with Cagney (naturally, as he was later to be named Mr Popular) but it did not take long for Raspy to switch her allegiance to the more subtle but more engaging Bezukhov.  They became a devoted couple, chasing each other & flirting.  It was lovely to see.

This left Cagney with Atilla to woo.  He took this task on with aplumb.  Atilla was a hard nut to crack.  He eventually did wear her down though & she became as devoted to him as he was to her.  Interestingly, Atilla & Cagney were the first to embark in carnal activities.  Though Raspy was keen to explore such areas, Bezukhov was rather shy & took a little coaxing.  Of course once they had succumbed, there was no turning back, & ‘synchronised boogie-woogie-ing‘ became commonplace.

Not long after I started the blog, Atilla provided me with rich content, when she unexpectedly began to lay eggs.  She laid 9 in succession.  With the benefit of hindsight, I would have provided her with a nest box & dummy eggs, to try & halt the process earlier.  It is pretty certain that her later hernia was triggered by the excessive egg-laying.

It was some time later, that Raspy decided to start laying eggs.  She was given a nest box with dummy eggs but tragically, after complications with an egg & surgery to remove it, she left us, far too soon.

Atilla’s lump/hernia was, sadly, another source of information for the blog.  Though the eventual outcome was not good, Atilla showed amazing fortitude in dealing with it.  The toyboys continued to adore their leader, lump or no lump.  She also sadly left us.

So, two widowed toyboys were left.  We were lucky that they had always been very good mates.  However, I felt the flock needed to be expanded for their sakes.  Enter Phineas!

I am not sure they will ever thank me for bringing Phinny into their world, but he has certainly added to the rich, complicated, tapestry of life in a flock of budgies.  Phineas was a rehome.  This was effectively his 4th home within 10 months.  He had been moved around quite a bit in his early life.  He is, of course, a fixture here & though he suffers from unrequited love (Cagney does not return his affections) I think he is a happy soul.

To even up numbers, Thomas came into our lives.  What a handsome young dude!  If ever a cat was put amongst the pigeons, it was Thomas!  Thomas further complicated things by also setting his cap/feathers at Cagney (now you see why he is also called Mr Popular!)  This in itself was not a bad thing, however Cagney was/is rather taken with young Thomas & that is what has caused ructions.

Though I am pleased the rows & fights have temporarily abated, I am not happy this is due to Thomas being unwell.  He has recently been diagnosed with an enlarged liver, most probably genetic.  He is currently on medication & we hope he will be back to his former glory soon.

All these reflections lead me to a series of “Thank you’s”.

  • Thank you to sisters Atilla & Raspy for being the most amazing hens anyone could possibly know.  I am forever grateful to have known them & extremely honoured to have been in their all-too-short lives.
  • Thank you to Cagney & Bezukhov for being such wonderful partners to the puddings.  Cagney deserves an extra mention for his unswerving care of Atilla whilst she was ill.  Both boys have always been good mates & it has been a pleasure to see how unshakeable their friendship has been, through all ups, downs & changes.
  • Thank you to Phineas for being….. well, Phineas!  He can be the most irritating & annoying of all, yet at the same time is immensely lovable.  I do not call him my ol’ man for nothing.  He, of all of them, seems to want me to physically ‘be there’.
  • Thank you to Thomas for throwing himself wholeheartedly into the flock, even if this has caused fights!  His independent nature has led to him doing things without having to follow the others.  He has tried all sorts of vegetables & also did not need any instruction on how to have a bath.
  • Thank you to Mr Exotic Vet & Mr Avian Vet & their assistants & teams.  Their care, in the past & ongoing, has been most appreciated.

And lastly, a big thank you to all our followers & readers.

We hope you have a wonderful 2014!

5 responses to “*** 500th post!!! ***

  1. rosebudgie 1 January 2014 at 15:14

    This 500th post makes it clear why Puddings & Toyboys is the only blog on the internet worth reading – and very worth reading it is! A big thank you to the Puddings, the Toyboys, Thomas and, of course, Dear Mr P for allowing themselves to be blogged about – and an ENORMOUS thank you to Sweetpea, the blogger to end all bloggers!


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