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A blog about my beautiful budgies.

Review of search terms

I thought we could take a look at the various search terms over the last 500 posts, that have brought people to this blog.

The most common searches are typically about budgies, moults, trill toppers, cages (Ferplast/Montana), budgie noises & budgie health issues.

Bizarrely, the top search was the following:

 difference between wooden metal bit

There are many one-off searches.  I have categorised them:

  • Vaguely understandable – 99% unlikely the searcher was looking for a birdie blog but it is understandable they arrived here.
  • Definitely was not looking for a birdie blog – Pretty sure the searcher was NOT looking for a blog like this one!
  • Eh?!

  • Vaguely understandable

cucumbers on pressure sores
pudding folk songs
sugar snap pudding
pooping corn
arm pinching
why do budgies make creaking sounds
atilla 0
girl with legring
diy budgies sitting arrangement
poop eater
butterfly puddings
morning poop
pudding brainstorming
pudding poop trick
toyboys bart 1

  • Definitely was not looking for a birdie blog

fatty with toyboy
toyboys part2
i am looking for a toyboy to peg
toy boys » sleeping
too sexy blog
reverse toilet training
lover boy with his lover in the evening
difference between a pet and a toyboy
lovely bottoms
loft arrangement
bedtime positions

  • Eh?!

three musketeer like pudding
toe nail pudding
poop girl bed -youtube
hailstone pudding
beaked toenails
whilst it’s
she likes to poop her pants
boys putting poop in the eye
another word for pees

I guess that if a lesson is to be learned, it is:

Be very careful what you call your blog!

2 responses to “Review of search terms

  1. rosebudgie 3 January 2014 at 08:46

    The 501st is an absolutely brilliant post! Who ON EARTH is searching for ‘girl with legring’ (!!!) and ‘hailstone pudding’?


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