Wet & windy weather

We have had some wet & windy weather recently.  Interestingly, the boys find the sound of wind against the window more scary than the sound of thunder or fireworks.

When it is pouring down with rain & the window is covered in raindrops, Bezukhov is usually the first to investigate.  It is possible he is still trying to complete his study of rain that I reported about some time ago (click here).  This particular day, the other boys helped him with his investigations:

6 thoughts on “Wet & windy weather

  1. rosebudgie

    It’s no wonder he’s known as Professor Bezukhov. (And I have to say that it doesn’t look as if Mr P is being terribly helpful in the research …)


        1. Mr P thanks you for your apology & responded with, “Concentrat…. ooh where’s Cagney gone…. yes, concentra…. oh, some spinach…. yes, concentration is one of my….. need to regurgitate…. hold on…. yes, it’s one of my strengths…. Cagney! Wait for me!”


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