An Upgrade, a Move & some Tweaking

Cagney & Bezukhov live in the Manor.  They were originally quarantined in the old Ferplast (OF).  Phineas lives in the folding cage, where he was quarantined too.  Thomas was quarantined in the OF but then went to live with Phineas in the folding cage.

The OF, when not in use, has often been a chilling out cage.  However, I wanted to phase it out as there was some damage to the bars in places & I did not feel it was safe any more.

Enter the new Ferplast (NF).

The NF is basically the upgraded version of the OF, with a few design changes.  (The jury is still out on whether those changes are “improvements”).  My plan was for Phineas & Thomas to move into the NF as it is much bigger than the folding cage.  I felt that Thomas would appreciate the extra space to get away from Phineas at times.

Due to Thomas being unwell, I put off moving him & Phineas into their new home until he was feeling better, but the NF was set up & moved into the room, as the replacement chill-out cage.  Phineas did go in there briefly but otherwise it was completely ignored, most certainly by the scaredy-cat Toyboys because of its different colour (e.g., black bars instead of white).

Sadly, Thomas is now no longer with us.  I went ahead with the move anyway as the NF was ready & waiting.

Moving day was last week.  To help Phineas acclimatise quickly, I set up the NF with a similar layout to the folding cage.  The major difference was the seed pots.  Phineas has never eaten from an enclosed seed pot (i.e., put his head inside something to eat).  Add to this that the new “improved” seed pots are probably fine for canaries & finches but not a solid budgie like Phineas, so I set up different, open pots.

The first evening, when he was due to go home, he seemed to be dragging his heels, so I grabbed him & put him in the NF myself.  He seemed restless.  I put temporary seed pots & water up the top so he could eat & drink before bedtime, & I hoped he would familiarise himself more the next day.

When setting up a new cage, I find there is a lot of tweaking that goes on.  The main change I made was to raise the seed pots up a bit so they were more or less a similar level to how they were in the folding cage.

The second evening, Phineas showed signs of wanting to go back home but was faffing a bit.  I held out my hand & he got on & I took him to the open door & he readily entered.  He actually ate from his newly positioned seed pots that evening.

The following evening (Saturday), at going-home-time, Phineas independently made his own way home.  I was very proud of him!  He even slept on his swing that night.  So, all now seems comfortable for Phineas in the NF.

Cagney & Bezukhov visiting Phineas
Cagney & Bezukhov visiting Phineas

Strangely, Cagney & Bezukhov are still wary of the top of the NF & have not yet ventured there to eat from the dishes of pellets that were usually Bezukhov’s first port of call.  They are comfortable with the perches on the side of the cage though, so that is something….

The playgym had been positioned on top of the NF when it was in the corner as a chill-out cage.  Now, the playgym has been returned to its proper stand & is placed in its usual corner.

6 thoughts on “An Upgrade, a Move & some Tweaking

    1. Hi rosebudgie. They are sitting on a ferplast flexi perch. It’s made of small blocks & you build it yourself. It came with the cage. I find it handy when I want a perch in difficult position, but I wouldn’t use it as a main or roosting perch as it’s plastic.


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