RBS – Randy Budgie Syndrome

It is a real thing.  Randy Budgie (or Bird) Syndrome is a recognised condition.  There are lots of references to it on the internet should you want to do some research.  I found this web page most interesting: http://www.budgiehealth.com/randy-budgie-syndrome.html.

RBS is primarily thought of as a behavioural problem.  I have occasionally wondered if Phineas ‘suffers’ from RBS.  Certainly when he is on form he is capable of jiggy-jiggying several times a day.  He used to use the bars of the cage, in the corner, but it appears his preferred location is my hand.  My right hand.

Did you know a budgie could be right or left handed/clawed?  Well Phinny is right-clawed.  If I offer my left hand, he gets all confused & just cannot get himself into position.  My right hand is a different matter entirely.

The link to the budgie health web page posted above, mentions a few behaviours to look out for.  Phineas does seem to fit the profile of some of them:

20130117_131433_sh21The regurgitating budgie.  Phineas will regurgitate to my finger or thumb many times a day – more if possible.  If really desperate he may consider, very briefly, regurgitating to a toy.  It is worth noting that he does gobble back all his regurgitated seed so my finger is left quite clean afterwards, apart from a thin layer of gunk.

Male budgie masterbation.  The article appears to suggest this happens to single budgies.  Obviously this is not the case with Phineas.  I do think he would far prefer Cagney to my hand but, as the saying goes, ‘budgies beggars can’t be choosers’.

Aggressive and possessive behaviour.  Phineas does exhibit this.  He is possessive over both Cagney (unrequited love is so hard) & my finger.  Being possessive over Cagney is pretty logical, particularly as Cagney is Mr Popular.  Being possessive over my finger is less logical as none of the other boys have any interest in my finger.  He can be aggressive too… or is he just being overly loyal?

The one behaviour he does not exhibit is The Mirror Addict.  He will chat to a mirror but does not have an attachment to any mirror.

The article states, quite rightly, that:

“There is much, much more to birds than many people have ever dreamed of. Birds can communicate. Birds have feelings. Birds have needs, many of which are akin to our own.”

I hesitate to give Phineas a label, but if he does have RBS, it suggests he is ‘deprived’.   However, as long as his needs are met in some way & an eye is kept on his health, then I do not see a problem with this.  He does require more one-on-one attention than the others & when he is not getting the attention he feels he deserves, he will certainly make that known.


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