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Dodgy poops & more worry

Yesterday (Saturday), Phineas presented me with a few things to worry about:

  • Firstly, on uncovering him in the morning, I scanned for his overnight poops but could not find any.  I found that very puzzling.  There is always a poop pile the next morning.  Odd.
  • Secondly, when I offered Phinny an in-cage jiggy-jiggy, his bottom area felt different.  Swollen.  Softer.
  • Thirdly, when Phinny pooped during the day, they were abnormal.  As you can see from the photos, they were a very murky yellowy colour.  A few times he just pooped water.
  • Fourthly, when Phineas preened his bottom area, it looked a bit red.  It is generally a little bald, due to his “bot rubs” but more pinky.
  • Fifthly, he slept a lot.  He rarely sleeps during the day.  When Cagney & Bezukhov are sleeping then he may, at a push, have a quick nap, but he certainly never sleeps if they are not sleeping.

So worry I did.  Naturally, being the weekend, the vet’s was closed, although an emergency number is supplied.  I found myself searching on the internet for other exotic vets (an avian vet is now like gold dust ’round these parts).  I came across a veterinary hospital that has recently opened a new in-patients ward for exotics, & has its own vet with a special interest in exotics – reptiles & birds.  What is more…. it is open on Sundays!

I spent a worrying night as Phinny did not sleep on his swing (another departure from the norm) but fortunately awoke this morning to find he had pooped & they were back to a more normal looking colour.  He was also in good form & keen for an in-cage jiggy-jiggy.  His bottom area still felt swollen.

To be on the safe side, I booked an appointment at the veterinary hospital.

After all of Thomas’s health problems & all the vet visits, I was hoping the travel cage would have time to gather some dust but it did not & was back in service again.

At the veterinary hospital, the examination was thorough.  Phineas was weighed & was found to be overweight.  I am not entirely surprised as he has always had a “sturdy” appearance though he has also always been active.  Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) said his vent area was fine, but there was a small fatty lump slightly further down.  This must have been what I felt during his ‘bot rubs’.  His strange coloured poops could be due to an infection or liver disease.  We have oral (argh!) antibiotics (Septrin Paediatric Susp) for a week.  If there is no change in the poops, then we will need to take a poop and/or blood sample.

Regardless of whether his abnormal poops indicate liver disease or not, he is still overweight & we need to be stricter regarding getting his weight down.

During the car trip, the wait (we were early & Ms EHV was delayed) & the examination, Phineas was stressed & panted the whole time.  I was anxious to get him home & back to normality.

The joyful chirps, as I brought Phineas back home & into the room, were an enormous display of relief all round.  When I let Cagney & Bezukhov out, they made their way over towards Phineas & then landed on his travel cage.  He was desperate to come out & join them but although I had opened the door of the cage, he just did not associate it with freedom!  This happened the last time he went to the vet.  Like before, in the end, I took the bottom off & put the cage on its side so he could exit out of the bottom!  Silly boy!

Anyway, once out he wanted to slather Cagney with kisses, but though Cagney was delighted his friend was back home, he still was not keen on ‘that’ level of attention!

As I write, they are all tucked up in bed, Phineas, reassuringly on his swing, having an early night after the stresses of the day.  I think I will turn in too….  Goodnight.



5 responses to “Dodgy poops & more worry

  1. rosebudgie 9 March 2014 at 21:44

    Wonderful pic of the Adorable Mr P! Just can’t understand why C doesn’t want to be slathered by his kisses … Get well soon, Mr P!


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