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Phinny no-mates

Phineas still adores Cagney.  As soon as Cagney moves, Phineas is there, right in front of him, following behind him or above him on the bars.

Cagney, did you call?

Cagney, did you call?

Cagney does not feel the same way about Phineas.  If truth be told, I believe Cagney gets frustrated at not being about to move without having to push past Phineas.  Sometimes he cannot eat because Phineas is trying to kiss him at the same time.  As nice as it must be to have such attention, it must be wearing to have it all the time!

Phineas tries too hard with Cagney.  He does not know when to stop or to hold back.   Add to this, that he chases Bezukhov away as he wants Cagney all to himself.  This action in itself would not endear him to Cagney as Cagney is very fond of his mate Bezukhov.  It certainly does not endear him to Bezukhov.  There are times when Bezukhov stops Phineas in his tracks to engage him in a conversation.  Phineas seems surprised by this & although he tentatively gives Bezukhov a listening ear, does not appear to respond or further the conversation.

Bezukhov is particularly wary of Phineas as there have been about 3 occasions when he has not run away quick enough & Phineas has grabbed him by the wing or the head (when leaning over the top of the cage).

Probably unsurprisingly, Cagney & Bezukhov have not wanted Phineas to sleep overnight with them.  They make this quite clear.  During the evening, as it comes to bedtime, if Phineas sits in Manor loft area, both Cagney & Bezukhov will vacate it.  They do not mind sharing the space with him during the day (with open doors/landing platform) but at bedtime, it is a no-no.

Interestingly, in the morning, I usually let Cagney & Bezukhov out first & they go straight to Phinny’s cage to chat to him.  It seems they get on better with him when he is behind bars….

I told you before, Thomas... I saw Cagney first!

I told you before, Thomas… I saw Cagney first!

I had hoped that Thomas would be a suitable friend for Phineas but if you have been following this blog, you would know that Thomas actually set his cap at Cagney, causing Phineas to become jealous, resulting in chaos.

When Cagney & Bezukhov were removed from the chaotic situation (holiday in my bedroom for a few weeks), Phineas & Thomas would preen each other’s cheeks.  I found this particularly touching as Thomas was always fluffing up his cheeks for a preen & Phinny finally got the message & obliged.  (I believe this is the only time Phineas has ever “got the message”).  Thomas returned the favour.  Of course when Cagney & Bezukhov returned, these touching, intimate moments were instantly forgotten.

So, in summary:

  • Phinny’s behaviour has pushed Cagney away as he comes on too strong.
  • Phinny has alienated Bezukhov by being unnecessarily aggressive & jealous.
  • When Thomas was with us, Phinny was prepared to fight him for Cagney.

All these observations lead me to the assumption that Phinny…. has no mates. 😦

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10 responses to “Phinny no-mates

  1. rosebudgie 22 March 2014 at 16:37

    Oh, this is so sad! Phinny will always be Mr Adorable to me, though.


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