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Mystery poop

Some things are just meant to baffle.  I have given up trying to solve this mystery.

I had been out at work all day.  That morning, all I had done was uncover Cagney & Bezukhov in the Manor & Phineas in the NF (New Ferplast).  Their food & water was replenished.  All was as it should be.  I went out to earn some money in order to keep them in the manner (Manor?) they are accustomed to.

On my return, some 10 hours later, the first thing I spotted was a poop on the roof of Phinny’s cage.  It was on the plastic frame circling the roof area.  You can see its location in this photo:

Mystery poop: How did it get there?

Mystery poop: How did it get there?


How did it get there?  They were all locked in.  I would have noticed it in the morning before I went out, as I have a finely tuned poop-eye that zooms in on poops that are in places they should not be, or poops in places I do not want them to stay for too long.

How did it get there?

How did it get there?

And even, how did it get there?!


4 responses to “Mystery poop

  1. featheredfiends 16 April 2014 at 08:14

    Mine regularly poo on the ceiling in the front room.. husband calls them 633 Squadron.


  2. rosebudgie 16 April 2014 at 08:34

    633 Squadron – LOL! I reckon Bezukhi snuck out while you were away and did it just to test your powers of observation.


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