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Monthly Archives: May 2014

More medication (continued)

Following on from my previous post (More medication), administering of medication continues:

  • Day 4 of medication (Saturday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most medication given but a drop was below his beak & I think I managed to scoop it up & put it in.  Afterwards, I normally, get Cagney back in the manor so we can start the morning from scratch again, but this time Bezukhov wanted to stay out with Cagney.  9.7/10
PM: Attempted to catch Bezukhov in the Manor.  He managed to slip through my fingers about five times.  Then he continued to give me the runaround around the room.  In the end, I gave up.  The good thing was that he was clearly on good form & was not even out of breath with all the coming & going.  -1/10

  • Day 5 of medication (Sunday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Full medication successfully given. 10/10
PM: Finally managed to catch Bezukhov after he kept slipping through my fingers.  Suspect he only got a tiny, tiny bit of medication, due to all the wriggling.  1/10

  • Day 6 of medication (Monday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most of the medication given.  8/10
PM: Another runaround session.  He had some medication though I did notice a big blob on his head.  4/10

  • Day 7 of medication (Tuesday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor. This time I suspect there was an air bubble in the medication so when I pressed on the dropper there was a spray of medication.  I hope it is good for feathers…. 6/10
PM: Bezukhov was successful in his bid not to be caught.  0/10

Today, we also had a follow up vet visit.   Read more of this post

More medication

Previously, I had posted on Bezukhov’s visit to the vet.

Since then, although Bezukhov recovered initially from the visit itself, he was certainly not back to his old self.  He was sleeping most of the time & alarmingly, stopped chirping.  Was this a result of his ordeal or a further symptom of whatever health problem he was suffering from?  Either way, it has been most upsetting.  This is Bezukhov… babbling Bezukhov…. who will chat to anything, inanimate or animate.

We got partial test results back on Tuesday 13th May.  These indicated an infection.  The antibiotic Clavaseptin was prescribed.  Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) said it could be mixed in apple juice or water.  I mistakenly thought this was something I could put in their usual water bottle but she corrected me, no it is to be given orally.

[Oh dear]

How often?

Twice a day.

[Oh deary me]

How long for?

Eight days.

[Oh deary, deary me]

I picked the medication up that evening so the military operation could begin first thing Wednesday morning.

Though it is often recommended to catch a bird with a cloth, I prefer to catch with my hand.  With a cloth I am worried a wing may be still be opened up or they are in an undesirable position which is not immediately apparent as it is hidden by the material.  That said, it is handy to hold the bird still in a cloth in order to administer medication.  My method is to catch by hand, then hold close to my chest whilst draping the cloth around them.  It is worth noting that the cloth used should not have too open a weave that claws can get caught in.  Equally, when held to the chest, I make sure my top is smooth enough not to entangle claws.

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We had a very brief storm this evening, followed by some even briefer sunshine, but it brought with it a beautiful double rainbow. 🙂

(Where was Phineas?  He was sadly locked in as I have been letting him & Bezukhov have separate out-of-cage times, due to Bezukhov not being well & also due to Phinny’s habit of irritating him).


Episodes, hunger strike & orange poops

Yesterday, I took Bezukhov to the vet.

In the last two weeks he has had at least 5 seizures.  Seizures seems the most descriptive word for them, though it is not yet confirmed what it is.  These ‘episodes’ last just a matter of seconds & then he is completely back to normal.


  • Starts initially with an alarming, loud screech
  • Head tilts back
  • Temporary paralysis
  • Eyes open but vacant stare
  • Lasts for only seconds
  • Appears unaware of what has just happened & carries on as normal

On seeing these, I was reminded that he has had one or two before but I thought he had probably got a seed stuck in his throat & they were over so quickly that I thought nothing of it at the time, particularly as the gap between was so long (months/years).

It is worth noting that one of his ‘episodes’ occurred whilst he was fast asleep, head under wing.  This seems to suggest they are not stress-related.

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May Day Grass

Previously, I had posted that just before Easter, Phineas had received wild grass in the post.  Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas thoroughly enjoyed eating it throughout the holiday.  But would the next UK holiday, May Day, be just as tasty?  It was!  They received more delicious seeded grass!

Phineas enjoying the grass:

All enjoying the wild grass:



Thank you rosebudgie!

Bedtime gymnastics

Come bedtime, I find that Cagney & Bezukhov settle down quite quickly.  When the final big cover goes over, there is usually a last bit of faffing but otherwise they appear keen to get to sleep.

Phineas tends to take a bit longer to wind down & whilst the toyboys are already snoozing in the manor, Phineas uses the time, in his own cage, to chew on various toys.  After a while, he puffs up & also settles down.

ttmss_swing3ttmss_swing4Mostly, he sleeps overnight on the left hand side of the ttmss swing.  If he is not already on it, when his big cover goes on, he makes his way over.

A few nights ago when I peeked in under the cover, things seemed different & I had to squint to make out that Phineas was sitting on the right hand side of the ttmss swing rather than the left.  Odd, but entirely acceptable.  I thought nothing of it.

Last night it seems he wanted to shake things up a bit more.  He mounted his ttmss swing as per usual, but whilst it was swinging, he was ducking under the mirror in the middle to reach the perch on the right hand side.  This seemed a long winded way to get there, being as he could just slip around the side.  Anyway, after a bit of faffing, he managed to get to the right hand side perch.  Unfortunately he was facing outwards & not towards the mirror so he had to maneuver himself around.  I thought he would settle there but no, it seems not.  He stretched across to the normal swing, sat on there for a second, then jumped onto the rope perch on the side.  What now?  Back to the ttmss swing!

normal_swing20140224_125018_sh21bYes, he went back over to the ttmss swing & again, whilst it was swinging, made his way under the mirror section to the right hand side.  (By this time, I had pulled up a chair so I could comfortably watch instead of bending down to peek under the cover).  Will he settle on the right hand side of the ttmss swing as he did the other night?  No.  He decided he wanted to get to the left hand side but instead of going under or around the side, decided to go over.  How he did it, I really do not know, but did it he did!  He managed to get up & squeeze himself through the gap between the ttmss swing & the top of the cage.

Once on the left hand side, he then ducked underneath to get to the right hand side again, transferred himself over to the normal swing, then the rope perch, then back across the cage to the ttmss swing!  At the last peek, he settled, as usual, on the left hand side of the ttmss swing.

It is times like that when I fully understand why Cagney & Bezukhov do not want Phinny to sleep overnight with them. 😀



Parcel for Mr Phineas!

I am a little behind in posting this post.  Just in time for Easter, Phineas received a surprise parcel in the post!  I was sure it would be an Easter egg but no, it was a lovely, fresh bunch of wild grass!

Would Phineas share it?  Would he remember what it was?  Would the toyboys remember the delights of seeded grass?

Phineas was the first to try it (naturally, as his name was on the parcel) & it did not take long for the toyboys to join in.  And of course Phineas was happy to share his good fortune (well, he was too busy eating his bit to notice anyone else eating other bits!)

Phineas leading the charge:

Phineas eating grass

Phineas eating grass

Phineas eating grass

Phineas eating more grass

Cagney‘s tentative first step to eating Mr P’s wild grass:

Cagney eating grass

Cagney eating grass

Bezukhov indulging in grass & also demonstrating the continuing usefulness of the pretend peg perch:

Bezukhov eating grass

Bezukhov eating grass

Bezukhov eating grass

Bezukhov eating grass on the pretend peg perch

Thank you rosebudgie!

Spring moult

The boys have just been through a spring moult.  Lots of the big feathers have been shed by Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas, including flight & tail feathers.

Bezukhov suffered the most.  At times, the pin feathers looked extremely uncomfortable & even painful.  Poor boy.

The good news is that he is now back to looking handsome again.