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More medication (continued)

Following on from my previous post (More medication), administering of medication continues:

  • Day 4 of medication (Saturday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most medication given but a drop was below his beak & I think I managed to scoop it up & put it in.  Afterwards, I normally, get Cagney back in the manor so we can start the morning from scratch again, but this time Bezukhov wanted to stay out with Cagney.  9.7/10
PM: Attempted to catch Bezukhov in the Manor.  He managed to slip through my fingers about five times.  Then he continued to give me the runaround around the room.  In the end, I gave up.  The good thing was that he was clearly on good form & was not even out of breath with all the coming & going.  -1/10

  • Day 5 of medication (Sunday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Full medication successfully given. 10/10
PM: Finally managed to catch Bezukhov after he kept slipping through my fingers.  Suspect he only got a tiny, tiny bit of medication, due to all the wriggling.  1/10

  • Day 6 of medication (Monday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor.  Most of the medication given.  8/10
PM: Another runaround session.  He had some medication though I did notice a big blob on his head.  4/10

  • Day 7 of medication (Tuesday)

AM: Caught Bezukhov in the Manor. This time I suspect there was an air bubble in the medication so when I pressed on the dropper there was a spray of medication.  I hope it is good for feathers…. 6/10
PM: Bezukhov was successful in his bid not to be caught.  0/10

Today, we also had a follow up vet visit.  

Bezukhov in the travel cage

Bezukhov in the travel cage

Cagney visiting Bezukhov

Cagney visiting Bezukhov

After the morning medication was given, instead of putting Bezukhov back in the Manor, I put him in the travel cage.  He was, as expected, most put out by this, however he calmed down quicker than before.  Cagney was out as he had escaped the Manor whilst I was chasing Bezukhov.  He visited Bezukhov, though I noticed he spent most of that time eating Bezukhov’s grass through the bars.  We had about an hour to kill before going to the vet’s which gave ample time to get Cagney back into the Manor.  Naturally, he did not go back in (even with millet bribes) until the last moment.

Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) noticed an improvement.  She thought Bezukhov had a ‘glow‘ about him.  She gave him another calcium injection.  Bezukhov was a very brave soldier.  He did manage to wriggle out of the towel she had around him & almost crawled over her shoulder (glad I am not the only one he does that to!) but she kept her cool & managed to contain him long enough to give him the injection.  When she put him back in the cage he stayed on her finger.  It reminded me of the time Cagney had his toenails cut by Mr EV & refused to get off his finger when returned to the Manor & even started preening.

I told her they now had Calcivet in the water & she advised that we continue with that for another month & after that, at regular intervals.  She suspects the seizures were down to low calcium levels.  I tried to get out of giving Bezukhov the last 3 doses of antibiotics but Ms EHV was wise to me & said I must carry on.

On the ride home, Bezukhov chirped a bit.  I like to think that he knew he was on his way home.  Once in the lounge, he was out within seconds of me opening the travel cage door.  He had a good fly, ate some food & then settled on the loft perch beside his ol’ mucker, Cagney.


4 responses to “More medication (continued)

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  2. rosebudgie 21 May 2014 at 08:53

    This is getting better and better! Bezukhov is clearly being a brave and sensible way, allowing you to have such high scores in the medicine-giving challenge.


  3. Samwise 22 May 2014 at 08:13

    Seems like a pattern is forming here! He gets wise to it but forgets about it overnight?! Bless him best of luck for vet visit x


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