Recently, whilst Bezukhov was poorly & not his usual self, I noticed that Cagney spent more time with Phineas.

This seemed like a natural thing to happen, being as Phineas could be found every which way Cagney turned anyway.  However, there were a couple of occasions when Phineas was desperate to regurgitate & Cagney reciprocated.  I caught one of these moments on video:

Each time it was over very quickly & Cagney immediately returned to Bezukhov’s side.  It suggests his bond with Bezukhov is strong, yet he is unable to resist the opportunity to flirt, particularly with the recent temporary absence of flirting sessions with Bezukhov. Bezukhov certainly noticed Cagney’s indiscretions but due to being unwell, chose not to react.

Of more concern to me was Phineas.  This is the attention that he craves & certainly from the one he most craves it from!  How pleased I was to see Phinny get some ‘lurving’, yet it worried me that Cagney was leading him on.  Would it make him more jealous than he already is?

Well, Bezukhov is back to his usual self now, so there has been no more exchanging of seed between Cagney & Phineas.  Phinny seems no worse.  He has not taken things out on Bezukhov (any more than usual).  He still adores Cagney.  I cannot see that ever changing, however Cagney behaves.


4 thoughts on “Reciprocation?

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