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Sick as a parakeet

Will the worry the Toyboys & Phineas give me, ever end??

Today, Cagney vomited.

Cagney sleeping

Cagney sleeping

Once would be fine as this could be due to a number of minor reasons.  My first thought was a stuck seed that needed dislodging with a bit of help from contorting the body & elongating the throat.

However, this happened about 3 times.  Each time the seed was quite dry – I did not see much, if any liquid/mucus.

There were other warning bells alongside this.  Cagney had been sleepy, almost lethargic, most of the afternoon.  He was also quiet & was not chirping or grumbling.  They had broccoli today – first time in over a week – & Cagney did not have any, even when it was offered by hand.  He also refused pellets.  The thing that finally made me decide a vet visit was necessary was the thought that I could actually catch him & put him in the travel cage.  That surely meant this was not a minor thing & required some expert advice.

Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV), who has been treating Bezukhov, was not available for another two days, so I decided to go to Mr Exotic Vet (EV) who had last treated Thomas.  His evening appointments were fully booked but they managed to squeeze me in, given the worrying symptoms Cagney was displaying.

As predicted, I caught Cagney in no time (he seemed quite weak) & put him into the freshly prepared travel cage.  He was initially most put out & I guess, surprised too.  Phineas was the first to fly over.  I think Phinny’s prowling of the top of the travel cage put Bezukhov off visiting, so he shouted across to Cagney from the Manor.

Fortunately, Cagney was only in the travel cage for about half an hour before we had to go out.  I did worry that Phineas expected to come with us & had visions of me walking down the road carrying Cagney in the travel cage, with Phineas, still monitoring, on the top….

Of course this did not happen, but as I took Cagney out of the room, I looked back & saw a very confused Phineas & a very confused Bezukhov.  Cagney has always been in the middle of them.  No wonder they were confused.

At the vet’s, Cagney lived up to his ‘Mr Popular’ nickname.  Whilst waiting, one of the nurses came over to say hello to me.  We had met many times before whilst Thomas was being treated.  I introduced her to Cagney.  She peered in the cage & told him he was very beautiful.  As if on cue, he chirped back.  (This is the bird who had not uttered a single chirp all afternoon!)   She was most impressed & flattered.  Cagney would further make a liar of me as he started chirping as I carried him into Mr EV’s consulting room…. my concern that he had been very quiet all afternoon lost credibility.

Cagney in the travel cage & Phineas visiting

Cagney in the travel cage & Phineas visiting

Mr EV examined Cagney.  He gave him a good prod & poke & listened to his heart etc.  He said that otherwise, he appeared healthy & a good weight.  He suspected an infection & prescribed antibiotics (Baytril).  He initially said, ‘One drop a day‘.  I said, ‘In the water?‘  He said, ‘No, orally…. would you prefer in the water?‘  I replied, ‘Very much so‘ (remembering the fuss giving Bezukhov his medication…..)

At the end of the consultation, Mr EV told Cagney that he had made his day by sitting on his finger.  When Mr EV examined Cagney the second time, he put his hand in the cage & Cagney just stepped on his finger.  It was this action that appeared to have charmed Mr EV.

On our return home, once in the lounge, Cagney took no time in vacating the travel cage.  Phineas was besides himself with joy & I think if he could have, he would have eaten Cagney all up with excitement!  In the event, he had to just make do with sitting beside him, bending his ear & attempting to kiss him every two seconds.

To give Cagney time to rest properly (& eat too…. it is difficult to eat when a feathery someone is trying to kiss you), I locked up Cagney & Bezukhov at the earliest opportunity.  Cagney appeared to eat a fair amount & also slurped the Baytril loaded water.  He has been cleaning his bottom a lot so I suspect his poops must be sticking.  Other than this he seems calm.

So, another eventful day is over in the Toyboy & Phineas household & all are, thankfully, safely tucked up in bed.  Night night boys.


8 responses to “Sick as a parakeet

  1. featheredfiends 19 June 2014 at 23:08

    Hope Cagney will be okay xx


  2. rosebudgie 20 June 2014 at 08:39

    Get well soon, Cagney – your adoring public needs a healthy budgie!


  3. Budgie Makes Three 20 June 2014 at 13:10

    Our little guys can sure give us a good scare, can’t they? 😦 Prayers!


  4. Samwise 23 June 2014 at 09:28

    Speedy recovery for little Cagney he is too cute to be sick x


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