Missing poop

Following on from my previous update on Bezukhov & his ‘Episodes’, there is good news & bad news.

20140623_121926_sh2120140623_113256_sh21The bad news is that a week after I dropped off the poop sample, I rang the Vet asking where the results were & after being put on hold for some time, they finally told me the sample pot never got to the laboratory.

They apologised profusely.  These things happen.  Fortunately, Bezukhov’s health problem is not critical so, in this instance, no harm is done.  I needed to provide the 3-day sample again, but also needed to pick up another sample pot, which I did on Friday, 20th June.

The good news is that since my previous update, Bezukhov has not had another ‘episode’, to my knowledge.

The second sample pot was given to the vet yesterday, so we now await the results…. again.

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