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Night-time disturbance

20140708_122106_sh21Last night there was a disturbance.  Unusually, it was Bezukhov who started it, though what ‘it’ was, I am still unclear about.

It was late, around 11pm.  They were all covered: Cagney & Bezukhov in the manor & Phineas in the Ferplast.  The earlier bedtime routine had been uneventful.  All seemed well.  I was relaxing, watching the television (on mute, of course).  Suddenly there was a flapping, a disturbance.  I hurriedly turned the lamp on & investigated.

When I peered into the manor, I could see Bezukhov on the lower perch, panting & with his wings open.  Had he had a night fright?  Had he fallen asleep & somehow lost his grip & toppled off his perch?  Who knows?  My immediate task was to calm him down & get him back next to his mate Cagney.  I opened the main front door of the manor & put my finger there for him to step up.  He did not move.  I talked gently to him, blinking slowly to calm him down.  Cagney was still in his bedtime spot but wide-eyed & looking down at Bezukhov.  Cagney soon relaxed but it took longer for Bezukhov to move.

20140708_122054_sh21Finally, he stepped onto my finger & as I moved him up to the loft area, inexplicably, Cagney panicked.  Why, I do not know.  He flapped about & found his way out the manor door, whilst Bezukhov, in the chaos, landed back down on a low perch.

Cagney flew about the room & landed on the playgym.  Moments after, Bezukhov joined him.  So, it was past 11pm & now the toyboys were both sat on the playgym, seemingly not wanting to be in their cage.

At this point I checked on Phineas.  He had dismounted the ttmss swing that he had been asleep on & was now on another perch, looking confused.  I uncovered him a bit so he could see what was going on.  I also uncovered the manor to put it in pre-bedtime state in hope it would appear more enticing to the toyboys.

20140708_122227_sh21After Cagney & Bezukhov recovered, with a bit of shaking of feathers & preening, they flew to the plant pot stand & then onto the Ferplast to talk to Phineas.  All seemed fine.  Neither toyboy appeared to have any injury from the unplanned flapping about.

They all seemed quite lively at this point, Cagney & Bezukhov even doing a lap of the room.  I might add that it is still very hot here, even at night, so I was surprised they wanted to be so active.  I thought I would let them get it out of their system before attempting to get them to bed (again).  After a while I could see Cagney’s eyes closing & it was not long before they both willingly stepped up & were transported back inside the manor.

Bedtime again.

Night night, my lovely boys.

Oh… I might add that prior to the ‘disturbance’, Bezukhov had tried & failed three times to usurp Cagney from the prime bedtime position.  After the ‘disturbance’, Bezukhov had prime bedtime position.  Makes you think…. doesn’t it….



Every day I change the paper at the bottom of their cages.  I usually put down 7 sheets of newspaper & then each day remove the top sheet leaving a nice clean sheet ready for fresh poops. Because I also like to clean other bits of the cage, I tend to do this at some point during the day when the cage is vacated.

This particular day was no different… or so I thought.   Phineas was out & about, busy keeping his eye on his beloved Cagney in the Manor.  I removed the top sheet in his cage as usual.  Wiped a couple of perches & adjusted a toy, then went about my usual business.

Not long after, Phineas wanted to regurgitate to my finger so he jumped on the perch on the outside of his cage & proceeded to regurgitate to my readily available finger.  So far so good.  Then he glanced in the cage.  Oh my!  He did a double take!  What is THAT?!!!!  He looked unnerved & flew off!  It was then that I noticed the rather scary looking paper on the bottom of his cage!

Perhaps he would not want to return to his cage?!  To make sure there would not be a problem I removed the offending paper & slid it under another sheet.  I was curious though.  Did Phinny really looked shocked or did I exaggerate his reaction in my mind?  A couple of days later, when the scary sheet of paper came to the top again, I decided to leave it there & see what happened.

Well….. Phinny reacted the same way!!!  It made sense really.  I mean, I do not think that even I would like to share a cage with something so scary, even if it was made out of paper.  This time I got rid of that sheet of paper completely.




More rejection!

It seems that even Tweety-Pie rejects Phineas…..

Cagney does not return Phinny’s affections… apart from rare occasions.  Bezukhov gets annoyed with Phinny’s jealousy of his & Cagney’s friendship.  Now it seems Tweety-Pie has had enough of Phinny’s attention & decided to avoid him by swivelling so he was face down.  Tweety-Pie could not have given a more obvious sign of his weariness!

Phinny expressed his disappointment by having a tantrum.

Poor Phineas!




Reverend, Sir and a President

Since I last reported on the delivery of wild grass, there have been a further five deliveries!

Phineas received two of the parcels, Cagney two of them & the other parcel was addressed to them all.

Cagney’s parcels were addressed to ‘C Popular’.  He certainly was very popular on those days when it came to handing out the grass he had received!  I am assuming his title on one of the parcels of “Rt Hon” is in reference to his popularity, i.e., it is right that he is popular & he has become honorable through his popularity…

One of the other parcels was addressed to ‘The Very Revd Phineas’.  This was not a complete surprise as he had been addressed as ‘Rev’ before, but he had clearly become more holy with the addition of ‘Very’.  Intriguingly, it was ‘President Marshall’ who had sent Phineas the grass.  I knew of Sausage Marshall’s President status but was surprised to see him brazenly using it as a return address on the parcel.  However, I suspect he did this to ensure the grass was delivered in double-quick time so it was as fresh as possible.  It worked.

The last parcel to mention, was also delivered to Phineas but address to ‘Sir A Phineas’.  I assume A is for ‘Adorable’.  Or is it Annoying?  Either way, the parcel added to the confusion of how to correctly address Phineas.  Which is correct, Revd or Sir?  Perhaps they both are.

They have certainly enjoyed tucking into the grass!


Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

Hot weather misting

The boys like a misting on a hot day.  Usually I give Cagney & Bezukhov a misting first, whilst Phineas is still locked up, so they can proceed without interruption.  When they are finished, I let Phineas out & he has his turn.

I managed to film them recently, having a misting with some celery leaves.

Cagney & Bezukhov:





Birthday millet

Millet is supposed to be fattening so I do not feed it to the boys very often.  It is reserved for special occasions.  The toyboys celebrated their birthdays recently: Cagney’s on the 23rd June & Bezukhov’s on the 27th June.  I got out the millet!

Here are some photos of them having a joint millet party:

I put out 4 separate pieces of millet so there would be one each & a spare.  However, Phineas had to eat the same one that Cagney was eating:



Poop results

Following on from my previous update on Bezukhov & his Missing Poop, the results are now in.

Bezukhov & the chewy toy

Bezukhov & the chewy toy

There were:

  • No parasites or worm eggs present,
  • No Campylobacter,
  • No Salmonella, and
  • No Chlamydia. However, Chlamydia psittaci is apparently notoriously difficult to isolate hence collecting poop over several days to try to catch it, so the negative result could therefore be inaccurate if it was not shed during those collection days.

We agreed to continue monitoring Bezukhov & hope that the medication he previously had & the continued regular intake of Calcivet will keep his ‘episodes’ at bay.