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Reverend, Sir and a President

Since I last reported on the delivery of wild grass, there have been a further five deliveries!

Phineas received two of the parcels, Cagney two of them & the other parcel was addressed to them all.

Cagney’s parcels were addressed to ‘C Popular’.  He certainly was very popular on those days when it came to handing out the grass he had received!  I am assuming his title on one of the parcels of “Rt Hon” is in reference to his popularity, i.e., it is right that he is popular & he has become honorable through his popularity…

One of the other parcels was addressed to ‘The Very Revd Phineas’.  This was not a complete surprise as he had been addressed as ‘Rev’ before, but he had clearly become more holy with the addition of ‘Very’.  Intriguingly, it was ‘President Marshall’ who had sent Phineas the grass.  I knew of Sausage Marshall’s President status but was surprised to see him brazenly using it as a return address on the parcel.  However, I suspect he did this to ensure the grass was delivered in double-quick time so it was as fresh as possible.  It worked.

The last parcel to mention, was also delivered to Phineas but address to ‘Sir A Phineas’.  I assume A is for ‘Adorable’.  Or is it Annoying?  Either way, the parcel added to the confusion of how to correctly address Phineas.  Which is correct, Revd or Sir?  Perhaps they both are.

They have certainly enjoyed tucking into the grass!


Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!

2 responses to “Reverend, Sir and a President

  1. rosebudgie 19 July 2014 at 17:11

    The sausages (iany peony and president marshall) are ashamed to hear that they have NOT sent a recent parcel to their dear friend and comrade, professor bezukhov. they intend to correct their unforgivable error as soon as grass stocks allow.


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