Night-time disturbance

20140708_122106_sh21Last night there was a disturbance.  Unusually, it was Bezukhov who started it, though what ‘it’ was, I am still unclear about.

It was late, around 11pm.  They were all covered: Cagney & Bezukhov in the manor & Phineas in the Ferplast.  The earlier bedtime routine had been uneventful.  All seemed well.  I was relaxing, watching the television (on mute, of course).  Suddenly there was a flapping, a disturbance.  I hurriedly turned the lamp on & investigated.

When I peered into the manor, I could see Bezukhov on the lower perch, panting & with his wings open.  Had he had a night fright?  Had he fallen asleep & somehow lost his grip & toppled off his perch?  Who knows?  My immediate task was to calm him down & get him back next to his mate Cagney.  I opened the main front door of the manor & put my finger there for him to step up.  He did not move.  I talked gently to him, blinking slowly to calm him down.  Cagney was still in his bedtime spot but wide-eyed & looking down at Bezukhov.  Cagney soon relaxed but it took longer for Bezukhov to move.

20140708_122054_sh21Finally, he stepped onto my finger & as I moved him up to the loft area, inexplicably, Cagney panicked.  Why, I do not know.  He flapped about & found his way out the manor door, whilst Bezukhov, in the chaos, landed back down on a low perch.

Cagney flew about the room & landed on the playgym.  Moments after, Bezukhov joined him.  So, it was past 11pm & now the toyboys were both sat on the playgym, seemingly not wanting to be in their cage.

At this point I checked on Phineas.  He had dismounted the ttmss swing that he had been asleep on & was now on another perch, looking confused.  I uncovered him a bit so he could see what was going on.  I also uncovered the manor to put it in pre-bedtime state in hope it would appear more enticing to the toyboys.

20140708_122227_sh21After Cagney & Bezukhov recovered, with a bit of shaking of feathers & preening, they flew to the plant pot stand & then onto the Ferplast to talk to Phineas.  All seemed fine.  Neither toyboy appeared to have any injury from the unplanned flapping about.

They all seemed quite lively at this point, Cagney & Bezukhov even doing a lap of the room.  I might add that it is still very hot here, even at night, so I was surprised they wanted to be so active.  I thought I would let them get it out of their system before attempting to get them to bed (again).  After a while I could see Cagney’s eyes closing & it was not long before they both willingly stepped up & were transported back inside the manor.

Bedtime again.

Night night, my lovely boys.

Oh… I might add that prior to the ‘disturbance’, Bezukhov had tried & failed three times to usurp Cagney from the prime bedtime position.  After the ‘disturbance’, Bezukhov had prime bedtime position.  Makes you think…. doesn’t it….

4 thoughts on “Night-time disturbance

  1. Mmm it does make you think doesn’t it?

    We had a night fright last night – someone outside the flats dropped a wrought iron chair which freaked all out except Sir Wigg. He seems to sleep through all of it?! But luck would have it I heard them and managed to calm them very swiftly.

    Hope the Toyboys are recovered now SP 🙂 x


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