Phinny’s morning constitutional

It has become a bit of a ritual.  On uncovering Phineas in the morning, he is usually eager to regurgitate to my finger but this is quickly followed by the need to jiggy-jiggy.  He gets very, very, very restless & keeps looking at the cage door as that is where my hand will enter.  As soon as I put my hand in, he is on & ready for his ‘constitutional’… his budgie boogie-woogie… his ‘service’…. his hand jive.

We usually get this ‘job’ out of the way first thing.  Often, I leave the cover half on as then he is not distracted by Cagney & Bezukhov, cheering him on.  If that happens, he has to stop his jiggying & look across to the Manor to make sure he is not missing anything.  All those stops & starts can make me miss a whole episode of Frasier!  And of course he is not missing anything because he is having a one-budgie-band party in his own cage, albeit with the assistance of my hand!

After his ‘service’, we then have an extended regurgitation session.  When this is over, he needs food & water & then mostly can get down to the business of relaxing.  He just cannot relax if he is bursting to jiggy!  Perhaps he has OCD as well as RBS

Oh, I nearly forgot…. Good Morning, Phineas!



10 thoughts on “Phinny’s morning constitutional

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