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Post X-ray

Bezukhov looking sorry for himself

Bezukhov looking sorry for himself

After Bezukhov’s initial euphoria of returning home from the vet, things were not so good.

That evening, I attempted to give him his first lot of medication (orally) & also ‘nebulised’ him whilst in the travel cage.  He could not get out quick enough & immediately flew to the manor & ran around, almost manically.  He did not seem so bad.  However the following day, events caught up with him.  He had been anesthetised for the x-rays.  He also had a blood sample taken.

During the day he looked particularly sorry for himself.  He had another seizure.  He also fell off the perch at one point.  He had become wobbly.  I put seed & millet everywhere he might go, plus I followed him around, offering food.  The electric blanket went over the manor & the floor padded.  During the night I got up to check on him.

The following day, Friday the 26th, it was clear he was too weak to de-husk & eat his seed.  He could manage millet seeds but only a few.  He was still wobbly.  When he attempted to preen he would lose his balance.  He really needed some food inside him so I decided to crush pellets & mix with liquid (apple juice & aloe vera).  He would not eat this from my finger or a pot so I attempted to syringe some into him.  It was all very concerning.

Bezukhov poops, top left

Bezukhov poops, centre left

In the meantime, when Bezukhov was out of the manor (though sick he still did not want to sit in the manor all the time) I kept Phineas locked up as he is not very sensitive about the needs of others.  Cagney was fine with Bezukhov though I could see he was a little annoyed that Bezukhov was not playing, or responding to him like he used to.

The next day, Saturday 27th, I needed to speak to Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV).  By now she also had results of the blood test & confirmed that the treatment outlined is what we should continue with.  I told her that he seemed worse.  She said that after his ordeal, it would take time for him to recover.  She also suggested that I weigh him, if possible.  On the Wednesday when she weighed him, he was 46g.  If he was 41g or less then more worry would be appropriate.  At that point, hospitalisation might be an option.

Unfortunately, she was then due to go on holiday.  Not long after that phone call, I weighed Bezukhov in the travel cage.  According to my scales he was 40g.

Cue worry overdrive…



7 responses to “Post X-ray

  1. featheredfiends 2 October 2014 at 22:36

    I just hate it when they’re ill. Would love to be able to give them a cuddle. Fingers and wings crossed for your little boy x


  2. rosebudgie 3 October 2014 at 08:51

    We’re crossing all our fingers and wings here too. Seeing a budgie looking ‘fluffed up’ is always a cue for worry overdrive …


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  4. Samwise 10 October 2014 at 09:55

    Positive vibes being sent to Bezukhov xx


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