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As reported in my last post, it appeared that Bezukhov’s weight had dropped in the days following his x-ray & blood test.



My scales showed that Bezukhov had apparently lost 6g in a few days.  I rang the vet but she had already left for her holiday.  Another vet rang back.  I explained the situation that Bezukhov had lost weight & was too weak to eat to gain more.  I had been offering Bezukhov as many different vegetables as possible to try & entice him to eat.  Cucumber was the vegetable of choice.  That seemed to be all he wanted to eat & though that was better than nothing, it would not be enough to build him up.  The vet prescribed some Emeraid Omnivore which is a critical care formula for feeding to birds.  If that did not help, then once again, hospitalisation may be an option.

Once my budgie-sitter had arrived, I dashed off to the veterinary hospital to pick up the formula.  It is a powder to be mixed with warm water.  If I say so myself, it looks like & smells like a rather appetising porridge.  Apparently some birds will eat it directly out of a bowl…. but not Bezukhov.  Naturally.  So, out came the syringe…  Unfortunately I am still not very good with administering medication by syringe/dropper.  A big lump of porridge landed on his beak.  Another on his head.  Despite being ill & weak, he could still wriggle.

Critical care formula

Critical care formula

That night both he & Cagney retired to the manor quite late.

The next day, Sunday 28th, the main aim was for Bezukhov to eat.  He ate some seed in the morning.  He was still obsessed with cucumber.  When he ate some cucumber I offered some seed & he usually had a few at that point.  He also ate a little fennel.  He preferred to be out of the manor but slept most of the day.  I weighed him again but the scales were a bit flaky, returning a value between 37-40g.  Had he lost more weight or stabilised?

On Monday the 29th, I weighed him again.  This time the scales registered between 35-40g.  He had not eaten much during the day but around 16:30, half an hour before the vet rang back, he started tucking into some seed.  The vet suggested I brought him in to be weighed on the scales they originally weighed him on the previous Wednesday.

Tuesday the 30th, Bezukhov was booked in for a weigh-in.  I was relieved to find he weighed 42g.  The vet said that was the lowest he would be as he was wriggling quite a bit.  So, although he had lost since the official 46g logged previously, he was not as critical as originally feared.

When we got home, whilst Bezukhov was still in the travel cage, I weighed him again on my scales.  I worked out a system that would (hopefully) roughly match the vet’s scales:

  1. Set the scales to zero.  Weigh Bezukhov in the travel cage & take the lowest number.  Lift the travel cage from the scales to check they return to zero.  If not, repeat this step.  Do best of three.
  2. When he vacates the travel cage, set the scales to zero.  Weigh the cage & take the lowest number.  Lift the travel cage from the scales to check they return to zero.  If not, repeat this step.  Do best of three.
  3. Take the second number from the first number.
  4. Add 5g.

Admittedly it is not a very scientific way but so far it seems to be fairly consistent.  The last few days, he appears to have stabilised at 42g.



4 responses to “Weightgate

  1. rosebudgie 5 October 2014 at 09:53

    The sausages would like to send some regurgitated millet to help Bezukhov return to normal.


  2. Samwise 10 October 2014 at 10:00

    Are you able to get some scales like these SP? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/8422996.htm Would recommend salter I use them for my buds 🙂


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