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A helping beak

One of the medication’s (Lactulose) I have to give orally to Bezukhov is like a syrup.  Unfortunately, the combination of my lack of expertise in administering medication by syringe/dropper & Bezukhov’s propensity for wriggling, has resulted in the sticky syrup landing on his feathers & not in his beak.

Ignoring Bezukhov’s desperate desire to leave my grip, I usually try to wipe as much medication away from his cheek & chin feathers before letting him go.  The medicine is very sticky though & remains on his feathers.

What he really needs is a best buddy who can preen the goo away…



10 responses to “A helping beak

  1. rosebudgie 5 October 2014 at 20:26

    It would be nice to think that Cagney was being altruistic but I kind of suspect he is developing a taste for lactulose!


  2. Samwise 10 October 2014 at 10:02

    Shame you can soak Cagney’s feathers so that Bezukhov could get some of the medication in him 😉


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