Déjà vu

Last week, Bezukhov went to the vet &, amongst other things, gave a blood sample.  The result of this was due 2 or 3 days later.  Unfortunately, the laboratory said there was not enough ‘plasma section’ in the blood sample. His red & white blood cells were tested & all was fine there but the test they could not do was for the important bit. Apparently this can happen in small animals due to the small volumes they are dealing with.

The only thing to do was bring Bezukhov back to the vet & get another blood sample.  This happened today, exactly 7 days after the previous one & in fact at the same time too.  Poor Bezukhov must have had a sense of déjà vu.  I know I did.

After bundling Bezukhov up in the travel cage we made our way to the vet’s.

Me & my sticky horns
Me & my sticky horns

When we arrived, Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) whisked him away into the consulting room, whilst I sat in the waiting room, worrying.  After about 20 minutes, she brought him out & said he was still groggy.  She had wanted him to sit on the floor for a bit but he insisted on sitting on the perch even though he was still swaying.  Ms EHV said he did make a bid for freedom just as the anaesthetic wore off & I think she was impressed with his derring-do intention, even if he was too groggy to get far.

Last time, she attempted to clean off some of the sticky, syrupy medication on his cheek & chin feathers & she did quite a good job.  He was left with two patches either side of his beak though, that over the days morphed into two little horns.  Whilst he was under the anaesthetic today, she had another go at cleaning up the horns feathers.  He is certainly looking less sticky now.

Mama, I'm ready to come out now...
Mama, I’m ready to come out now…

When Bezukhov looked like he had a reasonable grip on the perch we made our way home.  Last week, on our return, he was very quick to vacate the travel cage but today he rested for around 2 hours before indicating he wanted out.  He has been quiet for most of the day.  Once again, to allow him to rest properly, I did not let Phineas out.  Come bedtime, he managed to tuck into some seed & also appeared to drink a lot of water.  I feel that he will spend a comfortable night.

It is just a pity that Cagney has claimed the prime sleeping position even though Bezukhov made it clear several times that he thought it was his turn this evening.  On the positive side, perhaps this indicates that Cagney thinks his buddy is not that poorly…

In the meantime, we wait (again) to hear about the results of the blood test that will be available in a few days.
Bezukhov recovering:






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