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2014 Review – Search Terms

A review of the search terms that have brought people to this blog was originally done at the beginning of the year, covering the previous 500 posts.  This post takes a look at the various search terms during 2014.

As before, the most common searches are typically about budgies, moults, trill toppers, cages (Ferplast), budgie noises & budgie health issues.

Interestingly, the top search was for the “ferplast piano 7” cage.

There are many one-off searches.  I have categorised them:

  • Understandable but intriguing – Would like further information from the searcher.
  • Definitely was not looking for a birdie blog – Pretty sure the searcher was NOT looking for a blog like this one!
  • Eh?!

  • Understandable but intriguing

why does my budgien cluck
budgie squeaking noise
budgie shivering
how to make a small pillow with my budgie feathers
budgie making quacking sounds
why do budgies regurgitate a stringy material between one another?
budgie making noise like squeaky toy
my budgie clucks

  • Definitely was not looking for a birdie blog

toyboy wanted bath
toyboys in shower
pooping after hunger strike
blue angel x-rated

  • Eh?!

twitter two handfuls of corn
i have a competion
atilla gıda sleeve
potato raspy


In conclusion, I shall carry on writing about the Toyboys & perhaps introduce a potato at some point. 😀

3 responses to “2014 Review – Search Terms

  1. rosebudgie 7 January 2015 at 08:55

    I am delighted to hear you are going to please your great public out there with the odd potato. Please don’t neglect all those poor toyboys in need of cleansing, though!


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