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Bezukhov’s second x-ray

A few days ago, on Thursday 29th January, Bezukhov had an x-ray & supplied another blood sample.

Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) had previously suggested he have these tests again so they can be compared with the previous results.  His last x-ray was taken on the 24th September 2014.  From this it was seen he had “Air Sacculitis & likely liver disease“.  He had various medication for this over the following 6-7 weeks.

Bezukhov’s last blood sample was given on the 10th November 2014.  The results were a ‘mixed bag’.  Medication was ceased but we have continued with Aloe Vera & Milk Thistle in his water.

As per usual, I bundled Bezukhov into the travel cage.  Surprisingly, he was not so panicky as he usually is.  Although, when Cagney & Phineas started eating their seed, Bezukhov did get flustered even though he had his own seed right in front of him.  He does not like to miss out on food, particularly if others are eating, but clearly the travel cage is a hunger strike zone.

(click on photos to enlarge)

This trip was in the car as we had to go to the hospital for the x-ray, rather than the local branch.  It was a cold & windy day so I threw an extra fleece over him.  He also had a heat pad at the bottom of his cage.  He coped quite well with the journey but gets upset when in the vet waiting room as it can be very noisy with the staff, owners, pets & doors opening & closing.  Fortunately, we did not have to wait long before Ms EHV was ready.

She was able to do the x-ray quite soon so said I could wait around for 30-45 minutes.  This I did & was relieved when she brought him out to me.  He was still groggy & was so fluffed up he looked almost completely round.

Ms EHV confirmed there was no sign of the Air Sacculitis.  She also said the outline of his liver was ‘beautiful’.  So, the results of the x-ray were all positive. 🙂  She also took a blood sample but we have to wait a few days for the results.  Whilst Bezukhov was under the anaesthetic, she weighed him & said he was 51g.  This was higher than before (46g) but she said his crop was full which may account for the slight difference.  (I did make sure I got him in the travel cage after his breakfast, knowing he would go on hunger strike!)

On our return home, Cagney & Phineas were both shouting & Bezukhov managed a very feeble response.  I thought I would leave him in the travel cage for a little while, until he felt a bit stronger.  It took him 15 minutes before he let me know he wanted OUT!  So, out he came & was reunited with his buddy Cagney.

Cagney was delighted to have his friend back.  I may be imagining things but I felt that he wanted to give him a big hug but held back because he thought Bezukhov would think he was making an unnecessary fuss.  However, I noticed when Bezukhov was preening that Cagney was reaching out & touching his wing feathers which was very unusual.  Cagney also motioned to me that he wanted to sit on my finger (unusual again) & he nibbled gently at my hand.  Strangely, as he did that, these words popped into my head, ‘Thanks for bringing him back’.


3 responses to “Bezukhov’s second x-ray

  1. rosebudgie 3 February 2015 at 08:35

    No two ways about it – that’s what he was saying! Cagney really owes you one!


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