Episode summary to date

Ever since Bezukhov started having his ‘episodes’ I have logged them.  However, the exact number of ‘episodes’ that Bezukhov has had is difficult to quantify.  They are so brief & he is perfectly fine just before & just after, that it is easy to miss one, not to mention times I am out of the room anyway.

I have defined a seizure as him being ‘spaced out‘.  He usually makes a loud screech as it occurs & sometimes growls during it.  His head is usually tilted at a strange angle.

There also appear to be 2 types of seizure: one where it is completely out of the blue & another that I call a ‘reflex seizure‘ where he reacts to something, i.e., Cagney pecking at him.

Bezukhov has also had something I can only describe as a spasm which is similar to the seizure but without the ‘spaced out‘ symptom.

Since I first reported on these ‘episodes’ the frequency is as follows:


You can see it is difficult to come to a conclusion.  What was it about June & December that meant no episodes?  We can only hope that the figures for 2015 will look better than for 2014.


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