Remembering Thomas: Pillow complete

Thomas resting with Atilla & Raspy
Thomas resting with Atilla & Raspy

At long last, I have completed the final resting place for Thomas.

Previously I had reported that the inner cover was finished.  I also mentioned the difficulty I had in completing this housing for Thomas’s remains.  For some reason, it has taken me ages to make decisions on what fabric to use, what colours, what design & what photos.  I suspect the long drawn out agonising was due in part to Thomas being with us for such a short time; we only touched the surface of his personality before his health problems took over.

This was also an ideal opportunity for me to give him a permanent tribute that shows his short time here did not lessen his importance to us.  I did not want to get that wrong, hence, I think, the long time it took to finally complete the work.

My rough designs have been hanging about for some time & I guess it was inevitable someone would use them for target practice (naming no names… Phineas):   

Poop in the middle of my designs
Double poop in the middle of my designs

As with Raspy’s pillow & Atilla’s pillow, I have a different design on the two sides.  I wanted one side to be a vibrant blue as Thomas was a striking colour.  The other side reflects on the softer shades of blue that he had.

Thomas also had a leg ring.  I have attached this to the inside on some velvet ribbon:

Thomas's leg ring
Thomas’s leg ring

I like to think that young Thomas is with Atilla & Raspy, even though they never met in real life.

All together, hopefully...
All together, hopefully…






12 thoughts on “Remembering Thomas: Pillow complete

  1. This is beautiful. I’ve only recently discovered the joys of having budgies when my partner and I got our girl, Frosty (he had had budgies since he was a boy). They are amazing creatures, and so full of love and life. When Frosty is older and passes on (it makes me so sad to even think of this), I’d love to make something similar to remember her by.


    1. I have to agree with you MissSarahAnne, that budgies are amazing creatures. 🙂 Even if they live a long life, it’s still sadly too short, but it’s great that we appreciate them so much while they are with us & it’s also nice to commemorate them somehow when they finally go. Frosty sounds like she is a big part of your life. 🙂

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