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The road well trodden

My last post was about Cagney’s visit to the vet on Bank Holiday Monday (6th April).  Over the following week, Cagney gradually recovered & has returned to his normal self, although he is moulting so a little quieter than usual.

Bezukhov in the travel cage again

Bezukhov in the travel cage again

Bezukhov's slightly orange poop

Bezukhov’s slightly orange poop

Unfortunately, just 10 days after his vet visit, the path was trod again, but this time for Bezukhov.  He had a spate of seizures.  To be exact, 6, in 5 days.  Not good.  So, we went to see Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV) on the morning of the 16th April.

She had previously said to repeat blood tests at the end of May, in particular to check on his liver & gall bladder function.  However, because of the recent ‘episodes’, that were worryingly close together, she gave him an injection of multivitamins & also Laurabolin (steroids).  The thinking is that his moult had triggered the episodes & giving him a vitamin boost should help him through it.

Ms EHV specifically wanted to make sure his vitamin B complexes were topped up – they are the most likely to be low during a moult, and vitamin B is heavily involved with nerve function.

Whilst Ms EHV was handling Bezukhov for the injection, she checked him over.  Though he was looking rough, with pin feathers on his head (he also lost a tail feather recently) & sticky medicine beginning to build up around his beak, she found that all appeared well.  He weighed either 51 or 53 g (I cannot remember what she said now!) & but do recall her saying he was slightly overweight but that was to his advantage during moulting time.

On our return home, Bezukhov was chirping to the others as soon as he heard them.  He wanted to get out the travel cage pretty quickly too.  Apart from a few obligatory orange poops, he seemed to recover from the trip quickly & we all settled back into our usual routines.

I am hoping this road will not be trod again until the end of May for Bezukhov’s follow up blood tests.

Moulting Toyboys

Moulting Toyboys


3 responses to “The road well trodden

  1. rosebudgie 18 April 2015 at 10:06

    They are both very brave boys and will hopefully be feeling right as rain soon!


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