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Daily Archives: 4 May 2015

Two as one

For those with lots of birds, it must be difficult to keep track of their whereabouts.  At times, I find it difficult with just three.  Instinctively, I do a roll call, especially if I have been out of the room for a few minutes during their out-of-cage time.  A count to three does not take long (three seconds!) but sometimes the search for the missing third can take longer.

The other day, I was sitting at my table, working.  All was quiet, so quiet that I stopped what I was doing to visually check all was okay.

  • Phineas preening in the manor – check.
  • Cagney snoozing in the Ferplast – check.
  • Bezukhov… where is Bezukhov?

The first areas to scan are near the seed pots.  Nope, no sign.  At the window?  No.  Behind the chewy toy?  No.

Oh, THERE he is….  Sitting next to Cagney!

Cagney & Bezukhov sitting together

Cagney & Bezukhov sitting together