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Daily Archives: 10 June 2015

Toyboys eating pellets

Harrison’s pellets are always available on top of the ferplast.  Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas all eat the pellets though seed is still their primary food.  There are two glass ramekin dishes.  Athough Bezukhov is a seed addict he is usually the one most likely to eat the pellets.  Naturally, if one is eating something, the others must follow.

Cagney has an interesting approach.  He likes to eat seed from the dish that Bezukhov is eating out of, but generally does not jump on the dish itself but manages to squeeze his head over & in.  Bezukhov does not mind when Cagney does this.  When he has had his fill, Bezukhov moves on & at that point, Cagney usually takes over the dish properly.

Here is a video of Cagney eating from Bezukhov’s dish.  He then goes to eat from the other dish which naturally then appears more appealing to Bezukhov…