Medicine & millet

Previously, I reported on Cagney’s return from the hospital (click here).

  • Follow-up vet visit

On Tuesday 25th, we saw our regular vet, Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV).  She confirmed that the barium x-ray did not show any obstruction.  An examination of his poops at the hospital did not show any parasites or anything to be worried about.  She examined Cagney again & said his temperature was still high, though lower than before.  His weight was the same.  Otherwise, she thought he looked generally brighter than when she last saw him on the Saturday.

  • Medicine

It was decided that Cagney have metacam orally (0.03ml), twice a day – mainly to bring his temperature down.  This is to be administered every 12 hours.  As he had a dose during the consultation, that meant approximately 9am & 9pm for the next 4 days.  She also wanted to include an antibiotic (baytril – 0.03ml) in the 9pm medication battle slot for a week.   Medicine to be reassessed during follow-up visit a week later.

  • How to administer medicine!

Cagney feels very different to hold than Bezukhov – more fragile – so I expressed concern about getting the medicine inside him, not to mention attempting to catch him at 9pm when he has worked out that going back to ‘bed’ means he will be caught again.  She said I could bring him to the surgery twice a day where a vet or nurse could give the medicine.  I seriously considered this for a moment!  In the end, we decided that I would give him the medicine in front of her & she would tell me what I was doing wrong!

We used the cloth method, which I have discounted with Bezukhov as he manages to burrow down into it!  With Cagney, the cloth seemed to be the way to go.  She suggested holding his head between my thumb & index finger.  Cagney still managed to turn so I was pointing the syringe at the back of his head (the film The Exorcist comes to mind…), but after much maneouvring I managed to squirt the medicine in his beak.

To make things slightly easier, Ms EHV trimmed Cagney’s toenails to limit the chances of them getting caught in the cloth.

  • Progress

Fortunately, from that vet visit, Cagney has gradually been improving.  He started to eat more & over the days was eating by himself without me having to prompt him.  He was chirping again & generally being more active.  Here is a video of him tucking into millet:

It is such a relief to have the ‘old’ Cagney back.

  • Actual administering of medicine

This, unsurprisingly, has been a bit hit & miss.  The good thing is that Cagney returned to the Manor in the evening so I was able to catch him to give him the evening medicine.  Of course when I say ‘give him the evening medicine’ I mean that in the loose sense.  He was very fidgety in the cloth & kept moving his head & opening & closing his beak.  The chances of getting the syringe positioned correctly & squirting the medicine in were slim.  I could position the syringe but by the time I got to squirt the medicine he had moved.  Ms EHV mentioned administering by the side of his beak.  I recall doing this one time but the medicine squirted through & landed on my index finger.  It was a good job I prepared TWO syringes of medicine, one being a backup!

Because the metacam finished before the antibiotics, from Friday onwards, I have switched to giving Cagney the baytril in his water (0.6ml in 100ml of water).  When the vet at the hospital originally prescribed this, he said the others could not have that water.  Because of that, in the evening, I remove Cagney & Bezukhov’s normal water a couple of hours before bedtime.  Then closer to bedtime, after they have had their bedtime feed & are resting in the Manor loft area, I hold up the medicine-loaded water bottle spout to Cagney where he has quite a few slurps.  I then have to switch the bottle to give Bezukhov some as he has to have what Cagney has.  We do a bit of switching back & forth until they have both had the water they need.  I then put their normal water bottle in the Manor.

  • Summary

It has been a very difficult time but Cagney is his old self now so all is good with the world!



3 thoughts on “Medicine & millet

  1. rosebudgie

    We are all SO DELIGHTED to hear that Cagney’s getting back to his normal self – what a joy to see him tucking into the millet!


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