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Cagney: The Sadness

My return home was unbelievably sad.  I put the travel cage on the coffee table & lay Cagney on top.  By now he was wrapped in soft fleece, with just his head showing.  Bezukhov & Phineas had greeted me with loud chirps but then they fell silent.  I spoke to Bezukhov & said how sorry I was about Cagney.  Though I thought it important to have his body on show to help them come to an understanding, I like to think that Cagney, on his way to Rainbow Bridge, stopped by his old mates to say goodbye & they would have had forewarning & hopefully a sense that Cagney was in a good place.

Bezukhov missing Cagney

Bezukhov missing Cagney

They were not quiet for long.  I let them out so they could have a fly & be together.  Bezukhov spent a lot of time at the window.  I was concerned that he was not eating as much as he normally would, so offered him seed at intervals.

When it came to the evening, Bezukhov started to get confused.  He did not want to go to bed in the Manor but dozed on the perch on the outside of the Ferplast, where Phineas was already in bed on his swing.  The Ferplast doors were open if Bezukhov wanted to join Phineas but this did not seem to be an option for him.  He seemed a bit lost, like he did not know where to be.  With a bit of encouragement I got him into the Manor & hand fed him some millet.

He looked sad in the Manor on his own.


One response to “Cagney: The Sadness

  1. rosebudgie 5 October 2015 at 15:32

    Thinking of you, dear noble Bezukhov … XXX

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