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Remembering Cagney: Preparing his new home

As previously posted, Cagney was returned to me in a tasteful, though bland, bamboo pouch (click here).  As with Raspy, Atilla & Thomas, this will be replaced with something more fitting.  So far, I have created the inner pillow.  I used some very nice material with clouds & added my customary wonky embroidery.


I still have to make the final cover but will take my time deciding how best to do this.  For now, I needed to have something more charming…. to reflect a little of his personality.


3 responses to “Remembering Cagney: Preparing his new home

  1. rosebudgie 13 November 2015 at 11:31

    It brings such a lump to the throat to think that dear Cagney is no longer with us, and I never even met him in the flesh. I’m sure he and Atilla will be admiring that beautiful material together from over the Rainbow Bridge …

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