The Silver Villa

Previously, I alluded to Bezukhov & Phineas having a new home.   The new home (in waiting) is the Liberta Oregon cage.

The reason I decided to buy (yet) another cage is because since Cagney’s sad passing, Bezukhov has moved into the Ferplast with Phineas.  As much as I like many aspects of the Ferplast Piano 6 cage (& it has been popular with all who have lived in it) it is an awful cage for catching a bird – as detailed in my post ‘Medication & the Ferplast‘.

Ideally, they would have both lived in the Manor but it seems it is not suitable for bedtime.  I suspect this is because at bedtime, they need to sleep at the highest spot & in the Manor this means the loft area (domed part).  The loft area itself is quite small, compared to the rest of the cage & I believe this makes it difficult to share with Phineas.  In the old days, the loft area comfortably housed Atilla, Raspy, Cagney & Bezukhov at bedtime so it must be the combination of the size & Phineas.

So, assuming the Manor will no longer be used for bedtime by Bezukhov & Phineas, & Bezukhov’s medication regime is long-term, I felt that a new cage to replace the Ferplast was the way forward.

Liberta Oregon bird cage
Liberta Oregon bird cage

After much deliberation, I chose the Liberta Oregon cage.  A pet shop about 40 minutes drive away actually had it on display so, unusually, I was able to see it ‘in the flesh’ before buying.  On the shop floor I also simulated chasing Bezukhov around it!  It has a flat top, so no confined dome area to cause problems at bedtime & more importantly, has a large front door to facilitate a more evenly matched chase.  As with all cages there are some design issues but I will address these another time.  For now, it had what I was looking for.

So, cage bought, delivered & assembled.  It was introduced to Bezukhov & Phineas on the 16th October.  I decided to ‘go for it’ & when they were both out of the Ferplast, I did a straight swap; new one in, old one out.  I arranged the furniture in the new one as near enough to the Ferplast as possible.

Predictably, they gave the new cage a wide berth.  The manor was now the place to be.  However, I took the opportunity whilst Phinny was jiggling away on my hand, to gradually move my hand (& him) into the Silver Villa.  He was too wrapped up in his jiggying to notice, but when he finished the job, he found he was in his new home.  What to do?  Find a way out of course!  On his way out, he found some millet by the door so had to stop & eat that, as witnessed in this video:

The following day they continued to ignore the Silver Villa, but strangely, at around 6pm that evening,  Phinny went in!  I think he was missing the Ferplast.  Bezukhov was then worried that he was left out so he sat on the outside perch, peering in.  I offered my finger & put him in.  I put some millet inside in case they did not want to investigate where the seed pots were, so they ate some of that.  Phineas then found his bed, the ttmss swing, & Bezukhov settled on another swing.  Later on, inexplicably, Phineas left his swing & unceremoniously turfed Bezukhov off his swing, so Bezukhov spent the night on the perch.

Over the next few days Bezukhov & Phineas used the new cage only at bedtime.  Other than millet, no food was consumed in there, not even breakfast… until the 20th October, when Bezukhov suddenly decided to check out the seed pot on the open door.  This prompted Phineas to join in, but the double length seed pot was not long enough for the two of them so Bezukhov, very intelligently, went inside the Silver Villa to eat from the other seed pot.  Success!  They were eating from the seed pots in the new cage!

Success did not last though, as later that day I took Bezukhov to the vet (click here for that story).  Because of concerns over Bezukhov’s weight, I made the executive decision to temporarily remove the Silver Villa & put the Ferplast back.

So, where are we at the time of writing?  Bezukhov is much better in himself but still needs to put on weight.  They are still in the Ferplast but the Silver Villa has been returned to the room, beside the Ferplast (playgym temporarily in my bedroom).  The plan is that when I feel Bezukhov has put on enough weight & has fully recovered from his moult, I will encourage them to move into the Silver Villa, permanently.

By the way, the new cage is referred to as the Silver Villa as in real life it has a silvery look to it that unfortunately does not really come across in the photos!

6 thoughts on “The Silver Villa

  1. rosebudgie

    Just typical of Bezukhov to have the intelligence to eat from the other seed pot. Long may you enjoy your beautiful new home, Bezukhov and Phinny!


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