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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Remembering Cagney at Christmas

I never thought we would be spending this Christmas without Cagney.




It is not difficult to think of him all the time.  I only have to see Bezukhov & automatically think of Cagney.  They were best buddies; I cannot separate one from the other in my mind.  Hopefully Cagney is with Atilla.  Here, Bezukhov is left with Phineas & myself.  Neither of us are any substitute for Cagney.  Phinny certainly provides Bezukhov with a challenging distraction.  I like to think Bezukhov knows I have his back.  Perhaps between myself & Phinny, we are enough to keep Bezukhov content.

In the meantime, I am taking this opportunity to look at a lovely picture of a calm, contented & sleepy Cagney & remember what a charming, naughty, caring & beautiful boy he was.




Christmas banner!

I am very proud to report that Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas feature on the Christmas banner of a budgerigars forum!

The competition was very tough so it was an honour to win.  Here is the winning entry:



From left to right we have Custard, Bezukhov, Cagney, George & Phineas.  It is thought that Phineas wrote the letter to Santa & yes, he does need some skooling…

The banner can be seen in situ here: http://budgerigarsforum.proboards.com/ until the 27th December 2015.  Do take a look & have a browse around the friendly & informative forum. 🙂


Ruffling feathers – on video

Previously, I happily posted about Phineas allowing me to ruffle his cheek feathers (click here to read).  I am convinced this is a phase that will end as abruptly as it started.  With this in mind, whilst the feather ruffling is still ongoing, I have captured it on video:


You can see it is a two-way thing.  I ruffle Phinny’s cheek feathers, & he preens my finger.  A win-win situation. 🙂


Episode summary to date (2)

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I had not seen Bezukhov have any ‘episodes’ in recent months.

Last February, I posted a log of the frequency of seizures – the following is the updated version.



You can see that I did not witness any ‘episodes’ for August, September, October or November.

Everything is crossed that the current trend continues.



Bezukhov health update



Two days ago, I spoke with Ms Exotic Hospital Vet (EHV).  We had previously planned to reassess Bezukhov’s medication regime in November.  With the loss of Cagney, a major moult & significant weight loss, I deliberately delayed this to wait until Bezukhov was in better shape, both physically & mentally.

It is understood that Bezukhov needs more blood tests to determine how his liver & gallbladder are functioning.  He was last tested at the beginning of June.  At the moment, I am reluctant to put him through the ordeal of another one.  Though Bezukhov is in much better spirits after all the recent upset, I feel he is still adjusting & do not want to stress him further if it is not absolutely necessary.

With that in mind, & also the fact that I have not witnessed any ‘episodes’ in recent months, we agreed to gradually reduce his medication.   If he starts having ‘episodes’ again, then he will be straight back on the old regime.  It was agreed to stop giving him the Lactulose (the sticky medicine to support his liver) but continue with the Destolit (for gallbladder) every 3 days (not every other day).

All being well, to be reviewed at the end of January 2016.

I find this a scary change.  Clearly the medicine, over time, has stabilised him.  If possible, we want to reduce the medication, yet at the same time do not want to upset the status quo.  Either way, I will continue to watch my beautiful boy closely.


Ruffling feathers



The ruffling feathers I refer to in the title of this post, is me ruffling Phinny’s feathers.

I do not mean in a metaphorical way either.  Most unusually, in the last few weeks, Phineas has let me actually ruffle his cheek feathers!  He is the first budgie who has allowed me to do this.

It started off quite tentative.  He was gently preening my finger, then stopped & leaned in to the side of my finger.  I moved my finger a little & stroked his cheek feathers.  He did not move away.  I was surprised.  I carried on, very slowly & gently & he seemed to like it.  Over the following days, I watched out for the opportunity to do this again.  Gradually, my finger movements became stronger & swept a greater area of his cheek feathers & both sides too.

We now have a routine where he preens my finger then I ruffle his cheek feathers.  He turns his head to make sure I get the right spots.  When he has had enough, he preens my finger again.  Sometimes this cycle goes on several times.

This now happens daily.  I plan to make the most of it whilst I can. 🙂