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Daily Archives: 24 December 2015

Remembering Cagney at Christmas

I never thought we would be spending this Christmas without Cagney.




It is not difficult to think of him all the time.  I only have to see Bezukhov & automatically think of Cagney.  They were best buddies; I cannot separate one from the other in my mind.  Hopefully Cagney is with Atilla.  Here, Bezukhov is left with Phineas & myself.  Neither of us are any substitute for Cagney.  Phinny certainly provides Bezukhov with a challenging distraction.  I like to think Bezukhov knows I have his back.  Perhaps between myself & Phinny, we are enough to keep Bezukhov content.

In the meantime, I am taking this opportunity to look at a lovely picture of a calm, contented & sleepy Cagney & remember what a charming, naughty, caring & beautiful boy he was.