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Daily Archives: 5 January 2016

2015 Review – Search Terms

This post takes a look at the various search terms that brought people to this blog during 2015.  As before, the most common searches are typically about budgies, moults, trill toppers, cages, budgie noises & budgie health issues.  These topics are also reflected in posts that had most views (see here).

There are many one-off searches but I have listed the less predictable & more interesting ones:


  • Understandable but intriguing – Would like further information from the searcher.

my budgie has so much fluff under his wings and belly
how to moult toenail
pets at home parcel post


  • Definitely was not looking for a birdie blog – Pretty sure the searcher was NOT looking for a blog like this one!

only fools and horses the sh a dow
would savlon help draw out a finger infection
chuchu bella


  • Eh?!

food diary pudding raspy
puddings for sleepover
colour of girls semen
can budgies have babble both


In summary, I hope this blog has been informative for those searching for budgie related issues.  For those who arrived here by mistake, I hope they were momentarily inspired before moving onto their intended destination!