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Acceptance of the Silver Villa

Ferplast reinstated

Ferplast reinstated

Going back to last October, you will know that I removed the new cage, the Silver Villa, & reinstated the Ferplast as Bezukhov was unwell & it was thought familiarity would help his recovery.  The Silver Villa stayed in the room, but was shunted to the corner (the playgym, once again, in my bedroom).

This arrangement worked in that Bezukhov gradually got better.  The existing problem though, was giving him his medication.  As he was back to sleeping overnight in the Ferplast with Phineas, it meant that was the location for the morning medication chase.  Over the weeks, catching him got so difficult that I was led to a new idea; I opened the small side door of the Ferplast & moved the cage up to the big open door of the Manor, draping a sheet around the open areas around the edge. The plan was to chase him through the little side door, into the Manor & it worked!

Phineas on door of Silver Villa

Phineas on door of Silver Villa

Although flushed with the success of my idea, I knew that it was a one-off.  Knowing Bezukhov, once he worked out that ‘escape’ through the side door would just mean he still got caught in the Manor, he simply would not go through the door.  By this time, (mid-November) Bezukhov was back to normal, health-wise, so I decided, for my own sanity, to (once again) replace the Ferplast with the Silver Villa, there & then.

So, as from November the 18th, both Bezukhov & Phineas returned to sleeping overnight in the Manor!  This meant I had to open them up as early as possible in the morning because by then, Bezukhov needed some respite from Phineas.

They continued to ignore the Silver Villa & at most, sat on the top to eat from the pellet pots there.  Into December, Phineas started sitting on the top of the open door – it was a shorter flight to the window perch from there.  On the 16th of December, Phineas was sitting on my hand, contemplating a jiggy (it had been awhile) so I gradually moved him into the Silver Villa. He sat in there & preened for a bit although I think that was largely because he did not know how to get out, even though it has a large front door. I had to go in the other room & when I came back he had returned to the Manor.

Here is Phineas on his 16th December visit to the Silver Villa:


In the evening, it was bedtime in the Manor as usual. I would leave the landing platform down until the very last minute as Bezukhov did not appreciate being locked in the manor with Phinny, even though he knew there was no other option.  It was after 9pm when Phineas suddenly got restless & flew to the side of the Silver Villa. He decided he wanted to go in! I helped him in & then waited for Bezukhov to follow, which he did!

Was this acceptance of the Silver Villa?  It was a temporary acceptance because the next night they slept in the Manor.  In fact, they then slept in the Manor for another 12 nights.


On the 29th of December, I rearranged the loft area of the Manor, incorporating a swing & Phinny’s ttmss swing. I thought that having 2 swings would stop some of the argy-bargy that happened each night (instigated by Phineas). Anyway, that evening there was confusion because of the new arrangement. The ttmss swing was completely ignored. Phineas did not want to go on the other swing but equally did not want Bezukhov to go on it either.  This nonsense went on for quite awhile.  In the end, I unlocked them, which seemed to calm them down. However, after about half an hour, Phineas shot out like a bullet & made his way into the Silver Villa & jumped on the ttmss swing in there!  A few seconds later, Bezukhov followed him & jumped on the other side of the swing!

Who would have thought it?  They have been sleeping in there ever since.

Bezukhov & Phineas on the Silver Villa door

Bezukhov & Phineas on the Silver Villa door


6 responses to “Acceptance of the Silver Villa

  1. rosebudgie 28 February 2016 at 20:15

    What clever boys they are – home sweet home in the Silver Villa!

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