Let there be light

Going back a few months, because of concerns over Bezukhov’s heavy moult, combined with having to get over the loss of his buddy Cagney, I decided to invest in a bird lamp.  They are specifically designed to provide light and UV which are thought to both be essential for the health of a bird and general well-being.

I had thought about this for some time but was concerned that exposure to it could lead Phineas to want more jiggy-jiggy & he already has quite a lot!  In the end, I decided to go ahead.  They were already mostly over their moult but I thought it would be good to have it in place for the next big moult.

Of course, a bird lamp = something new = something scary.

To introduce them to it gradually, I first attached it to the top of the Silver Villa, when it was not being used & alongside the Ferplast.  Being in a slightly higher position meant the lamp could spread its healing rays across the top of the Ferplast.  What did they think?  Not a lot.  Both Bezukhov & Phineas huddled at the far side away from the light.


When I replaced the Ferplast with the Silver Villa, I left the lamp where it was but adjusted the position so it shined into the Villa.  What do they think of that?  Not a lot.  In fact, they do not like it!  Contrary to all other reports I have read of birds loving the light, Bezukhov & Phineas prefer life without the light.  If they are locked in when I put it on, they, as with the Ferplast, huddle at the far side where the healing rays do not reach.  If I put the lamp on & they are unlocked, they just decamp to the Manor (very quickly, I might add).

Torture by light
Torture by light