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Daily Archives: 30 March 2016

Remembering my girls: Week Two

The diary for the first week is posted here: Week One.


Sunday 28th September 2008

The next time, Atilla faffed about less before coming to my hand.  Raspy followed shortly afterwards & they both squabbled a bit, knocking each other off, but at one point were both on my hand, tucking into the millet!  Later, Atilla walked up my sleeve & then flew off.

They investigated the new lantern mirror.

Today they also ate fig (eyes lit up at that!), broccoli & grated carrot.


Monday 29th September 2008

I left some basil in their cage which was still there on my return home from work.

They ate millet off my hand for about 30 minutes that evening. Raspy was the main contender but Atilla came along afterwards & got all wound up, trying to find space on my hand. They walked up & down my arm a bit too & chewed my sleeve.

I really need to get them to eat out of the covered seed pots at the bottom of the cage because Atilla has got into the habit of dancing in the open seed pot they currently eat out of & kicking the seeds out. I put their open seed pot further down the cage & although they noticed where it was, did not go to it.


Tuesday 30th September 2008

I left some grated carrot for them today. I returned from work to little orange faces. They had licked the carrot pot clean – not a trace. They went on my hand again to chew the carrot top. They also nibbled my fingers, arm & sleeve a lot. They slipped off a couple of times, but returned.

Later on I put the open seed pot lower down on the other side & they found that. I put it lower down again. I put the enchanted perch up so they could perch on that & eat the seed. After much deliberation they both investigated & that was nibbled.  Also, whilst I had my hand in sorting out the seed pot, they nibbled at my sleeve again & Raspy climbed on to walk over to the seed pot!

Raspy has been doing a lot of hovering about in the middle of the cage. I moved the ladder up more.

They tried some cucumber. Current fruit/veg scores:

  • Cucumber 6/10,
  • Fig 500293801830/10,
  • Carrot 8/10,
  • Yellow pepper 3/10
  • Green carrot top 10/10,
  • Broccoli 1/10
  • Spinach 4/10 (potential to improve)
  • Lettuce 2/10


Wednesday 1st October 2008

I left some spinach & watercress for them today & moved the seed pot back up to the top again.  There was more investigating of my hand for the treat. I gave them some fig. (Note to self: I must photograph their blissful faces when eating it).


Thursday 2nd October 2008

I left some cucumber for them which they had licked clean by my return. They jumped on my hand to investigate the wooden stirrer.  Again, I put the seed pot near the bottom & swapped the perches over so they could sit on the plastic one rather than the enchanted one. They got down there with some effort.  I saw Raspy climb up the ladder at one point.  Both do quite a lot of hovering around the middle of the cage.  They fight quite a bit.  Atilla is the more dominant & aggressive.  In fact, Atilla waited until Raspy wasn’t looking & jumped on the perch at her so she fell off.  She did that, on purpose, twice.  They were playing a lot with their ball & hanging off it. There was also some walking around the ceiling upside down too. They do not seem scared of the camera.


Friday 3rd October 2008

I left some basil for them whilst I was at work. There was no hand-taming this evening as I was out. They were narked with me when I nipped back during the course of the evening to turn the light on etc. They did not move or greet me. They were still narked when I got home later that night.


Saturday 4th October 2008

I got them another rope perch & a swing. The swing was largely ignored. Atilla pecked at the spinach attached to it but was put off by it swinging around.

The rope perch was put around the in-built, covered seed pots at the bottom. They seem to eat 2 or 3 seeds from the pot in passing but are routinely eating out of the open seed pot also now at the bottom.  Atilla at one point jumped on the floor & had a root around!  Raspy followed.

I attached two wooden stirrers to the soft grip pegs & they swing back & forth. These have caused great excitement & amusement; lots of hanging off them & doing the splits (foot on perch and foot on stirrer).

They like the trill topper.

Raspy eating Trill Topper

Raspy eating Trill Topper


To be continued