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A big Softy

I have reported before that Phineas likes me to ruffle his feathers.  This stopped when he came out of his moult.  Every now & then I would test if a feather ruffle was acceptable &, though he would not bite my finger like before, he would gently move out of the way.  However, he is moulting again.  Feather ruffling is back on the agenda!  As witnessed by these videos:



It seems that, at heart, he is a big softy!





4 responses to “A big Softy

  1. rosebudgie 17 April 2016 at 20:09

    A big softie and he loves you! Marshie used to let me ruffle his feathers when he was sitting on his bedtime swing but for the last few years he’s decided it’s not a good idea, sigh …


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