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Daily Archives: 7 May 2016

Bezukhov introduces himself to Dalai

The next task was for Dalai to get to know Bezukhov & Phineas through the cage bars.

To help this process along, I positioned a perch on the outside of Dalai’s cage, for visitors.  I also tweaked the perch arrangement inside his cage to make it easier for him to come up to the bars & meet his new (hopefully) friends.  Unfortunately, Dalai was unnerved by the changes in his furniture & confined himself to the far corner.  Fortunately, that corner had millet & water.

For two days I watched for Bezukhov & Phineas to make their move, but very little was happening.  The nearest Bezukhov got was to the window perch.  Perhaps Bezukhov needed a little coaxing; he can be shy, plus he is used to being Cagney‘s wingman in such situations.  On one of his visits to the window perch, I encouraged him to get on my finger & I slowly moved him closer to Dalai’s cage.  Bezukhov found some courage & jumped on the perch to check out Dalai!  You can see this early encounter in the video below.  You can also see that he seemed to take comfort that my finger was close by as a safe place to retreat to when he felt unsure.  Dalai’s jump towards him was clearly too much too soon & Bezukhov flew off!

It was the beginning of several visits.