Phineas introduces himself to Dalai

Two weeks after Bezukhov introduced himself to Dalai, Phineas also introduced himself.

Though Bezukhov would visit Dalai, the novelty seemed to wear off after a few days.  Nevertheless, Dalai seemed much happier to be around his own kind & would busy himself in his cage & if Bezukhov visited he would go over & have a chat with him.

The only time Dalai appeared troubled was after 8pm in the evening when he would have a brief restless phase.  I sensed that at bedtime he wanted to be either with the others or closer to them.

Around two weeks later, when I thought it was time to encourage Dalai to come out of the cage, I decided to move his cage where the play gym was, beside the Silver Villa.  This way, when he finally came out, he would not have as far to go to be near the others.

His close proximity finally piqued Phinny’s interest & he introduced himself!

Surprisingly, though Dalai presented his toes through the bars, Phineas was not tempted to bite them.  This was surely a good sign!

Then Bezukhov joined him:


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