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Daily Archives: 28 May 2016

Sitting tight for 4½ weeks….

After 25 days of quarantine & getting to know Bezukhov & Phineas through the cage bars, Dalai finally came out of his cage!



The day after Phineas introduced himself to Dalai, I started leaving his door open.  It was about a couple of days later that I sensed he was interested in coming out.  A week later & he still had not come out.  Over the days I gradually tweaked the arrangement of the open door by adjusting the height & the perches around it (inside & out).  It was possible that he had trouble with small door openings (I know some birds do).  We really needed either Phineas or Bezukhov to sit directly outside the open door to encourage him which was why I kept adjusting the outside perch.  I also pegged curly  paper in the doorway to entice him out.

About 11 days after leaving Dalai’s door open, Phineas invited himself in!  My heart was in my mouth watching this close encounter.  I would have preferred that a calmer & more sensitive Bezukhov had taken that step instead of an excitable Phineas but this way, there was the option that Dalai would vacate the cage just to get away from Phineas!

Fortunately, despite Phinny’s behaviour bordering on harassment, Dalai seemed to hold his own, even with being (it seems) half the size of his tormentor friend.  At one point, there was a ‘beak bash’ going on & a misjudgment on Phinny’s part almost knocked Dalai from the perch.  Dalai also looked a bit put out when Phinny touched his swing.  It was compelling viewing!


On the positive side, once Phinny found his way into Dalai’s cage, he was then in & out like a weather man!  Dalai would surely follow him at some point?

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