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Freedom, friends & food

As previously reported, Dalai finally left the confines of his cage on the 11th May, after several weeks of quarantine & sitting tight.  The deciding factor to getting him out was wild, seeded grass In other words, an irresistible foodie treat!

Dalai eating grass

Dalai eating grass


His moment of freedom was captured on film:


After a bit of goading from Phineas, & then Bezukhov coming to investigate, Dalai found his wings & was off!

He flew several high laps of the room & did not appear to know how to fly lower but gradually his circles got lower until he executed a perfect landing on the Silver Villa!  He then flew off again & found the Manor.  He also, very cleverly, found his own cage & the doorway & popped back home!


5 responses to “Freedom, friends & food

  1. rosebudgie 6 July 2016 at 19:26

    Dalai is such a fine figure of a budgie – and clearly smart with it!


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