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Daily Archives: 27 August 2016

Dalai does not want to go to bed

Since Dalai has joined the flock, bedtime has become unpredictable.  Sometimes Dalai will voluntarily join Bezukhov & Phineas in the Silver Villa where they are ready for bed.  Other than those odd occasions, it seems that Dalai does not want to go to bed.  At least he does not want to go to bed in a cage.

Dalai tends to settle on the plant pot stand that is positioned in front of the Villa.  If it gets late & he is still snoozing there, I will give him a prod & he goes into the Villa with the others.  However, quite often, Bezukhov & Phineas will join him on the plant pot stand.  They may have gone into the Villa for bed but when they see Dalai settled outside, they probably think that if he is not coming in to them, they will go out to him.  On these occasions, eventually, either Bezukhov or Phineas will retire to the Villa for a proper sleep & Dalai follows them without much, if any, prodding.

Bedtime on the plant pot stand for three sleepy birdies: