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Daily Archives: 29 September 2016

Life-saving grass deliveries

As previously posted, we have been struggling here because Bezukhov has gone off his food.  Though it is the end of the season, follower rosebudgie & her sharing sausages, have managed to find more wild, seeded grass & more importantly, sent it on to us.  The deliveries were beyond welcome… life-saving really, because this was food that Bezukhov was enthusiastic about eating.

Dalai also tucked in heartily – possibly too heartily as he was eating far more than Bezukhov.  I was worried this limited supply would disappear before Bezukhov came out of his not-eating phase, so I held some back to sneakily give to Bezukhov whilst Dalai was not looking.  (Sorry Dalai – I would do the same for you if positions were reversed).



Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!!!