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An unwell Bezukhov

An unwell Bezukhov

One day feather loss

One day feather loss



We have had a difficult time with Bezukhov.  After I posted that Bezukhov had become unwell (click here to read that post), the hopeful signs of improvement stopped.  On the 29th September, Bezukhov began a heavy moult.  Almost overnight there were feathers everywhere.  He lost mountains of small fluffy feathers, several larger feathers, including flight feathers & a tail feather.  At the same time, his poops got worse again.  He also stopped eating.

He was extremely lethargic & I was sufficiently worried to call in Ms Independent Vet (IV) who visited on the 30th September.

Once again, she suspected the problems were a continuation of stress from losing his friend Phineas, but now with the added complication of going into a heavy moult.  She weighed him & he was only 44g, so a loss of approximately 14g in 9 days.  His temperature was very high, but otherwise she could not find anything else obviously wrong.  She gave him an injection of anti-inflammatory to help bring down his temperature & also antibiotics to guard against infections whilst his immune system was low.  I was to orally give him the anti-inflammatory (Loxicom) twice a day for the next 3 days & antibiotics (Baytril) once a day for the next 7 days.  She also advised that I steam/nebulise him with F10 as she thought his breathing was a bit laboured.  She also gave me Emeraid, so I could syringe feed him to get his weight back up.

Of course giving Bezukhov medicine is a challenge.  Despite being unwell he still managed to do his very best to avoid taking anything orally.

I was marginally better at giving Bezukhov the medicine than the Emeraid.  Some birds will apparently eat Emeraid when offered as it is a nice smelling (& probably nice tasting) porridge-like substance.  I did offer him some on my finger but he refused so I was left with having to syringe feed him.  I tried my very, very best to give him the food but he pulled out all the stops & thwarted me at every twist & turn.  I managed to get a few drops inside him now & then.  Ms IV advised that I give him the Emeraid morning & evening but because I could hardly get any inside him, I added another battle session in the middle of the day.

Despite my best efforts, Bezukhov got worse.

Medication schedule

Medication schedule

A little Bezukhov

A little Bezukhov

Over the weekend it seemed that all he could do was breathe.  He refused all food.  On the Saturday night, both he & Dalai were settled in the Manor but Bezukhov suddenly decided to go & sleep in the Villa.  Dalai was too sleepy to follow him so that night they slept separately.  That night I also slept in the same room – if anything was going to happen, I wanted to be there.

By the Monday (3rd October), it was clear that Bezukhov was no better.  I rang Ms IV & with luck she was available to come that evening to give Bezukhov a crop feed.  In short, she gave him 4 crop feeds (Monday evening, Tuesday morning/evening, Wednesday evening).  I am sure it was those that kept him going.

Gradually he started eating again.  We had further deliveries of life-saving seeded grass (thank you rosebudgie!) to tempt him.  His poops whilst he was on the Emeraid were an expected but awful looking bright yellow.  As he started to eat seed, his poops improved in colour & consistency.  We are now at a point where he is eating by himself (no need to offer food in the little red seed pot) & is also brighter in himself & interacting with Dalai again.  There is still room for him to put on more weight; sometimes I think his wings droop, as if his shoulders have lost substance & cannot hold them up fully.  He still looks a bit rough because of his moult.

We hope that once his moult is completely over, he will be back to his bright & happy self.


Obligatory poop photos for reference:


5 responses to “Relapse

  1. Budgie Makes Three 12 October 2016 at 02:50

    I’m sorry Bezukhov isn’t doing well 😔 I said a prayer for you guys.


  2. rosebudgie 12 October 2016 at 08:21

    Poor little Bezukhov has really been through the mill these last few years … Get well soon, you very dear boy! X

    Liked by 1 person

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