Remembering Phineas at Christmas

This time last year, I posted about our first Christmas without Cagney.  This year, we face Christmas without Phineas.



In the photo above, the perch he is sitting on is still in the same place in the Villa, in the front doorway.  In fact all is how he left it, so I can easily picture him in all perching spots.  This particular spot reminds me of a specific occasion last summer.

I was out all day & came home after their bedtime.  Bezukhov, Phineas & Dalai were in bedtime positions in the Villa, but because my sitter was still there they were not locked up & their front door was still open.  When Phineas saw me, he sleepily got off his swing & made his way to that perch.  I approached & held my hand out to him.  He regurgitated to my finger.  It was only a quiet, brief session as he was tired, but it made me feel so loved, missed & needed.  That little action by my beautiful little grey man seemed to say, “Where have you been today?  I have missed you.  Here’s some regurgitated seed I have been saving for you.  Glad you are back home.  I’m going back to bed now I have seen you.

So, this Christmas (& every day in fact) I am thinking of Phineas.  I am also thinking of Cagney & hoping they are having fun together over by rainbow bridge with Atilla, Raspy & Thomas.





5 thoughts on “Remembering Phineas at Christmas

  1. rosebudgie

    Dear dear Phineas – such a kind boy. And (obviously) greatly missed … I’m sure he is creating havoc over rainbow bridge, though!


  2. Maggie

    What a lovely memory you’ve shared here of your little friend. This has been my first Christmas without my darling Chewy whom I miss terribly every day, but it is especially hard at this time of year, so I understand how you feel. My budgie lives in my memory just like your Phineas lives in yours, an the love for them is always in our hearts.


    1. Thank you, Maggie. How sad that this has also been your first Christmas without Chewy. Perhaps Chewy & Phineas have met up over by rainbow bridge & are sharing fond memories of their time here on earth.


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