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Daily Archives: 3 January 2017

2016 Review – Search Terms

This post takes a look at the various search terms that brought people to this blog during 2016.  The most common searches are reflected in posts that had most views (see here).

Search terms related to randy budgies

20130117_131433_sh21randy bird syndrome
randy budgie syndrome
randy budgies
remedy for randy.budgie syndrome
randy budgie
parakeet rbs
randy male budgie syndrome

Search terms related to noisy budgies

squeaking budgerigar
why doesnt my budgie chatter to me
female budgie acking
how to quiet your budgie
parakeet sounds like a squeaky toy
budgie making squeaking noise
how to make budgies quiet
budgie clucking
why do some budgies squeak
why does my budgie grunt
budgie how to keep them quiet

Search terms related to moulting budgies

20130702_172151_sh21pin feathers budgie
budgies molting under wings
budgie losing feathers above cere
feather mites budgies
budgie pin feathers on head
pin feathers
budgie feathers on forehead y
pin feathers budgies head

Another popular search was related to cages

montana san remo
ferplast piano 6 bird cage review
liberta oregon
liberta oregon flight birdcage
ferplast piano 6
liberta oregon flight birdcage reviews


Unlike previous years, search terms in 2016 were remarkably sensible.  That, or possibly Wordpress have filtered out the stranger ones!

I hope this blog has continued to be informative for those searching for budgie related issues.