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Update on the Blue Newbies

It has been awhile since I posted about the new additions to our flock (click here).

Flock dynamics are still being established.  The blue newbies are being let out regularly for exercise & also to get to know their surroundings & new flock mates.  At the time of writing, if they are all out together, they are heavily supervised.  Bezukhov & Dalai are having to adjust to having two highly energetic youngsters in their midst & quite often need some ‘time out’, or rather ‘in’, i.e., in a locked cage for some peace.

The blue newbies now have names:

Spearmint Perry, otherwise known as Sperry Perry, appears to be the more dominant of the two.  He is possibly slightly more mature in character, though next to Bezukhov & Dalai, not in the slightest mature!

Spearmint Perry

Spearmint Perry


Lennie Denisov, otherwise known as Lennie Dennie, is very busy & playful.

Lennie Denisov

Lennie Denisov


Sperry Perry & Lennie Dennie get on well with each other, sometimes feeding & preening the other one.  They both enjoy playing with & chewing the toys in their cage.

Blue newbies playing with chewy toy

Blue newbies playing with chewy toy


I am sure they will generate lots of tales for this blog. 🙂


2 responses to “Update on the Blue Newbies

  1. rosebudgie 16 January 2017 at 08:28

    Delighted to welcome Sperry Perry and Lennie Dennie to Manor Land! Let’s hope that ‘Sensible’ Bezukhov can encourage them to calm down so that they can ALL FOUR get along smoothly.


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