Blue newbies – the early days

Spearmint Perry & Lennie Denisov came to our home on the 14th of November 2016.  They had been in a busy cage of about 10-12 budgies. Though I specifically got two so they had company during quarantine, I thought it still might take some time for them to adjust to the quieter surroundings.  I hoped they would also become friends during quarantine.

They were indeed very quiet that first evening; both sat together on the perch in the corner.  Fortunately, the perch they chose to sit on had the millet spray by it, so they were able to eat something without having to be particularly brave.

It did not take long for Perry & Lennie to relax into their new cage.  They were relatively quiet at first, but tucked into the millet quickly & had a tentative explore of their new home.  I initially put seed in a dish on the floor of the cage as that was how they were used to feeding.  I was happy they were eating but it was quite a few days before I actually saw them drink.


Gradually, they started checking out different things.  They found the little white dish with tonic seed.  They found the central chewy toy which provided (& still provides!) hours of beak action.  That particular toy was a success – the raffia could be chewed & pulled out, the paper string could be chewed & the little knots untied & beads could be played with (before they fell off!) & wooden blocks could be climbed.


It took them a bit longer to work out how to use the swing, but once they did, they used to sleep together on it of a night.

Perry & Lennie snoozing together on the swing
Perry & Lennie snoozing together on the swing


They also checked out the long white feeder & started to eat seed from there rather than the dish on the cage floor.  The feeder has an in-built perch but they really did not understand that they were meant to perch on it & reach into the feeder & eat.  No, they ignored that perch & just sat in the seed to eat.  They still do this sometimes.


Through all the exploring they became friends, at times, snuggling up to each other & preening each other.


All was well & harmonious but would it stay that way once they joined Bezukhov & Dalai?



7 thoughts on “Blue newbies – the early days

  1. Maggie

    These are lovely photos and it’s nice to see a video too! Reading about Perry and Lennie has brought many smiles! It’s nice to imagine them settling in and falling asleep together on their swing. I wonder if they have begun to tweet any tunes? I’d love to hear them!

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